Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Could this honest politician?

From The Observer:

As the new councilman for District 34, which includes Williamsburg and portions of Bushwick in Brooklyn and South Ridgewood in Queens, Councilman Antonio Reynoso personally understands the issues of his constituents.

He was born, bred and still lives in Williamsburg, a neighborhood he hopes never to leave. Plus, Mr. Reynoso spent seven years under the tutelage of his predecessor, Councilwoman Diana Reyna, working as her budget director, legislative director and, eventually, chief of staff until he quit to campaign for her seat.

Q & A

Mr. Lopez gave tax breaks to developers while he was an assemblyman and the chair of the assembly housing committee. How do you propose to get on the good side of developers?
I don’t really care to be on the good side of developers. If a developer wants to do right by a community, absolutely we can work with them. All these developers come in, build, sell and then go. They build condos, not rentals, so they have no long-term investments in any of these communities. When they come into any part of my district, I’m going to give them hell. I’m going to make sure I can get the most for my community.
What do you propose to do to limit the amount of influence real estate developers have in politics?
There’s very little we can do. [East Side Councilman] Dan Garodnick has a great bill when it comes to campaigns. He’s requesting that anyone who does any work in campaigns has to state who they are. For example, Good Jobs New York was the real estate companies’ independent campaign expenditure, [through which] they spent millions of dollars on candidates that they thought were going to be good for real estate.
I read that you are working on a proposal to rezone parts of the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of Bushwick to make it harder to build massive towers. Tell us about this.
I’m looking to rezone Bushwick, but we’re going to look at it comprehensively. We’re going to sit with community groups, scholars, government [representatives] and residents and talk about how we are going to preserve the character—I mean physical character. Some people thought I meant I wanted to keep the Latinos in Bushwick, and that’s not what it’s about.

Bushwick is a beautiful, beautiful neighborhood. Right now, there are small mansions in Bushwick that are gorgeous, and none of them are protected. Rezoning would state that a developer can’t knock down one of these mansions and build a six-story building, for example.
Would you consider yourself anti-development?
No. I’m not anti-development. I’m anti-irresponsible development, which is what we see in Williamsburg.
How has it been dealing with developers?
All developers are — how do I say it? — don’t judge a book by its cover, for sure. They’re nice when they meet you. They promise you the world, but once they build, they’re gone. There’s no accountability to anyone in the community. The Edge may be the worst affordable housing project that I’ve seen in my time as a liaison and as a councilmember. The poor [were put in a separate building] on one side. They also did a terrible job with marketing, which is insane.


Anonymous said...

If only politicians stuck to their words....wait until cash is being waved in front of them....every politician has a price tag!

Anonymous said...

We shall see but he sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...

His soul will be bought by the devil in no time.

Anonymous said...

A politician saying what we want to hear...why is this so strange?

Anonymous said...

Anon One you are the winner.

Here is 1,000 internets.

Joe Moretti said...

Senator Tony Avella does not seem to have a price tag. But yes, unfortunately too many politicians do because they have no morals or guts.

Anonymous said...

"Senator Tony Avella does not seem to have a price tag."

Yes he does, it's called re-election and is priceless to him.

Anonymous said...

Tony Avella obviously got something out of the deal to drop out of the BP race. It's not always money.

Queens Crapper said...

Avella just announced that he'll be caucusing with the independent Dems, so I guess your theory doesn't hold any water.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there is some hope!

Anonymous said...

An honest politician? bwahahahaha Not a chance!