Sunday, February 9, 2014

Friends of Bill don't have conflicts of interest

From the NY Post:

After tapping his campaign treasurer to serve as the city’s top investigator, Mayor de Blasio nominated another campaign supporter to serve on the city’s five-member ethics panel.

Lawyer Fernando Bohorquez Jr. — one of the mayor’s two nominees to the Conflicts of Interest Board — personally contributed $1,925 to de Blasio’s mayoral campaign last year and hosted three fund-raisers for him.

The BakerHostetler attorney also was one of two lawyers at the firm who worked pro-bono for de Blasio when he was public advocate — filing an amicus brief on his behalf last October on the stop-and-frisk lawsuit.

Other lawyers at the Midtown firm contributed an additional $12,500 to de Blasio’s campaign.

A number of good government groups said closeness to de Blasio doesn’t disqualify his nominees from serving, but is likely to bring more scrutiny.


Anonymous said...

The next four years of Fugazio are going to be a riot. Best of luck, Queens.

Anonymous said...

The sheeple have voted for this piece of crap because he will cater to foreigners and illegals! 60 percent of nyc are foreigners and illegals! Wonder how much debt we will be in when this idiot is done in office?!

Earl Browder said...

Who would dare question the ethics of anyone involved with Comrade de Blasio's administration?

Comrade de Blasio has nothing but good intentions, and he is gallantly leading us all down the road to Utopia.

When we all reach Utopia, it will be nothing but rainbows, unicorns, diversity, vibrancy, and the subways will ALWAYS run on time!!

Anyone questioning the ethics of the de Blasio administration is obviously a Republican!

Anonymous said...

Socialism is here, folks!

Anonymous said...

When de Blasio overturns term limits wake me up.

The guy has been in office a month a those that gave Bloomturd a 12 year pass are going nuts.

That alone makes me like de Blasio.

Anonymous said...

Pinkos believe the only conflict of interest is not being a pinko. That's why the entire concept is flawed.

Anonymous said...

Talk about corruption at its finest.