Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sanitation says to put all trash in front of house during snow

From NY1:

When the city resumed trash pickup last week residents who share this alleyway between 28th and 29th streets assumed this garbage would be gone by the weekend, but it was still there Monday afternoon.

The Department of Sanitation is aware of the problem and says the alleyway is on a list of locations to be addressed.

The department also pointed out that garbage pickup in alleyways like these are suspended when there is snow and ice. They are not public thoroughfares, so they're not salted or plowed and that could make it dangerous for sanitation workers.

Residents are asked to put the trash in front of their homes during the snow season instead.


Out Our Way said...

Since more and more of the old guard in Astoria are getting gently nudged into nursing homes, their kids look at the family home as a cow to be milked.

Both spaces in the two car garage rented? How about the space next to the building blocking half the alley.

Drains, down spouts showing their age? Ignore the drains and put the pieces of the down spouts next the stumps of the ripped out grapevine.

Ice rock solid in the alleys? Dad and the neighbors used to get a fellow with a plow but who has time to come in from the island?

Besides there is time enough converting the basement and dreaming about that extra story.

Ah, being an absentee landlord gives one so much to think about - and the old neighbors as angry as the new ones are indifferent.

Anonymous said...

To Out Our Way:

Thank Peter Vallone - Mr. "Family Values."

Anonymous said...

True story - I saw my landlord using duct tape to try to fix a crack along the building foundation to keep melting snow water from leaking into the basement.

The average home price in and around ditmars is $850k - and these degenerate leeches don't even want to spend $5 to patch some concrete. They will never, ever shovel those alleyways.

Thank you DSNY for refusing to collect trash in those ice covered alleyways. Now how about you start fining these same idiot homeowners while you're at it...