Sunday, February 23, 2014

Flushing Town Hall needs new crappers

From the Daily News:

Flushing Town Hall officials need a whopping $125,000 to gut and replace six toilets they say routinely clog up and overflow when the 152-year-old arts center draws crowds.

“We have schools coming for education programs and there are sometimes hundreds of kids in the building,” said Ellen Kodadek, executive director of Flushing Town Hall. “Over the last two years we have experienced a lot of clogs and overflowing. These repairs are incredibly costly.”

Town Hall also needs a better sound and light system, Kodadek said. But the new toilets are tops on its list.

“Infrastructure upgrades are core to our public service,” said Kodadek, who told The News that the $125,000 estimate includes gutting all six bathrooms by the theater and gallery and replacing the ancient connective plumbing.

It’s unclear how old the plumbing is. The building fell into disrepair before undergoing a renovation in the 1980s.


Anonymous said...

They should install porta-potties outside the building.
It's Flushing. No one would notice.

Anonymous said...

I observed quite a few of Fushing's younger "citizens" peeing on its streets. The older ones certainly spit often enough on its sidewalks.

125 grand! Sounds like some politically connected contractor is handing us all a bushel full of shit!

Anonymous said...

You'd thing that in a town named Flushing there would be no toilet problems.

Well, it is what it is. Flushing is an overcrowded and overburdened ghetto, with generally poor infrastructure existing all around town.

In this particular case, this over funded antiquated money pit, is clearly unable to handle the flow.

Anonymous said...

But wasn't Town Hall recently renovated at an outrageous cost of $28million. All those fundraisers...Where did that money go???

Anonymous said...

What is the purpose of this building?

Seems like it just sits there and nothing of any real importance and or excitement/interest goes on.

Anonymous said...

Can't the councilman give them city funds??

Bill said...

Flushing Town Hall is a cultural mecca around commercial and residential buildings. It is funded by government grants to maintain its historic characteristics. There are many important concerts and art exhibits in this institution. I perform jazz there regularly. If you want do hear some great music, stop by.
The cost of any bathroom upgrade is very expensive and FTH has done the best it could to get competitive prices.