Saturday, February 22, 2014

Legislation to keep sex offenders off beaches and out of parks

From CBS New York:

Parents are speaking out and demanding changes after a dozen registered sex offenders moved in and are living legally near parks and the boardwalk in the Rockaways.

As CBS 2′s Jennifer McLogan reported, police responded to Beach 116th Street following complaints from residents of Rockaway Park, Queens that two convicted sex offenders were living just steps from the boardwalk.

“We don’t want our kids playing on the beach in the summertime especially, knowing that these registered sex offenders could be even on the beach or on the boardwalk at the same time,” parent Delilah DeJesus told McLogan.

Community leaders are angry, saying they only recently learned that more than ten registered sex offenders – including those convicted of molesting, raping and abusing minors – have moved into their tight-knit community on the ocean.

Under current law, sex offenders are not allowed to live within 1,000 feet of a school. But there is nothing to stop them from living next to a park or near the beach.


J said...

what idiot who wrote that bill thinks that creeps won't go after kids in parks and beaches if they can't grab them near schools?what a stupid law.

and again,the permission they got to dwell in rockaway b116,the most populous area of the beach,is preposterous enough,thousands of kids go there everyday.but it only makes more sense that this is another example of trying to change the makeup of the neighborhood by neglect.destroy then build.the city does not want regular working class people to live there so they dump these lowlifes to exacerbate the situation.No law is going to force those pervs to leave,since they are already there.

this is going to be an ugly summer there,if not only for the sight of hipsters/posers.

(speaking of hipsters,is there a hostel thing going on in rockaway too?because One night out there I saw a big group of them hanging out in front of an old house near the police station and about 15 bikes locked on the same stop sign.)

Anonymous said...

Theres a renovated hipster motel (Playland) by beach 90, has a bar it's become a big summer time hangout spot. Many rent summer houses/apartments as a group so they can crash on weekends. Theres Rockaway taco and a couple of other spots springing up.