Sunday, February 23, 2014

Don't be a postal jerk

"I'm sending these photos to you hoping I could get some help. This vehicle is here just about every day for hours, it's usually left blocking the crosswalk or into the entire street making passage difficult. I just spent over an hour trying to get someone on the phone from the Ridgewood office, I've got nothing and no one." - anonymous


Anonymous said...

get a photo with a license plate and send it to the postal IG

Anonymous said...

Call the North East Queens NY traffic, the have a 718 number or call 911 and report it to the NYPD, they'll write a ticket and if the car continue blocking the street after that ticket, the NYPD will send a tow truck, your name will never be mentioned.

Anonymous said...

No plates on this vehicle

Joe Moretti said...

Post office vehicles do not have license plates. They are exempt.

Le Gross Foo Chat said...

The vehicle has a number, though, usually above the front windshield. Postal IG should be able to work from that.

Anonymous said...

Just yesterday i saw an Enterprise Rental van with US Postal Service signs taped to the windows, and the driver (in uniform) park at a hydrant and walk off.

Can they really not afford their own trucks now?

Anonymous said...

PO, In this age of rampant identity theft.....
The PO has really been screwing up for a long time. Over the past several years I have recievied mail from other houses on my block, and they have recievied mine. Sometimes I get mail from different zip codes with addresses completely different than mine. I made several complaints to USPS.COM and the Richmond Hill Jamaica ave PO. The past few months have been horendous!
In January 2014 I did not get utilitly bills, several credit card statement, and checks. I did get niebors mail and mail from other zip codes. I made several more complaints to USPS.COM and still get misdelivered mail. This is the stock reply I always get:

"Our policy is to deliver the mail “as it is addressed,” and your mail should be no exception. While in most cases mishandling of the mail is certainly unintentional and may be due to human carelessness, we do work very hard to eliminate such mistakes when brought to our attention. Should you receive misdelivered mail in the future, please notify your local Postmaster immediately. We will promptly arrange to pick up the misdelivered mail so we can expedite delivery to the proper addressee. By copy of this letter, we have asked our delivery unit supervisor to more closely review your service, as well as our carrier’s performance, and to ensure more care and attention is devoted to your mail. In the future, we must catch mistakes like the ones you reported before they happen.  
Natalie Renwick
N. Rchmond Hill 11418
Supervisor, Customer Service
718-847-0865 "

Try calling that number, it is always busy or rings and then you get a strange tone.

Natalie Renwick did call me in January. But the problem continues.
I also wrote to Sen Shcumer, Gov Coumo, and Mayor Deblasio.
PS, PO- Feb 22, 2014...11 pieces of mail addressed to my house was delivered to the house next door.....11 pieces!

georgetheatheist said...

The dumbing of America and the lowering of intellectual standards is why your mail is being misdelivered.

The schools teach Social Studies and Ebonics instead of History and Latin.