Monday, August 5, 2013

Vito Photoshop bust

How many differences can you spot between these 2 photos?

The top one comes from the Daily News.

The bottom one comes from a recent Vito Lopez mailer.

Miss Heather has the story and the rest of the mailer.

The Daily News goes in depth on what this is about.

This guy is either really stupid, or has cojones the size of cantaloupes.


Gary the Agnostic said...

I'd say both! Why choose?

Anonymous said...

Vito didn't go far enough - he could have substituted Diane Lane for Hillary - or at least with that pose, Evita Peron, for more Latina appeal.

Anonymous said...

I thought Hillary supports Weener Boy, since her Saudi Princess and heir apparent is the wife?

Le Gross Foo Chat said...

Gary, you beat me to it! 100% agree!

Anonymous said...

He needed someone more experienced with Photoshop editing.

Anonymous said...

Wow Hillary photoshopped as skinny and curvy - what's going on here?

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 6:

Remember who put out the leaflet. Why would she look any different?