Friday, August 30, 2013

Parking eased along Northern Blvd

From the Queens Courier:

The community has spoken, and they have been answered.

There have been increasing complaints from business owners as well as neighborhood residents that the parking restrictions on certain blocks along Northern Boulevard are more of a hindrance than a benefit.

Because of this, the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) will be removing the 4-7 p.m. parking restrictions along the south curb of Northern Boulevard between Parsons Boulevard and Utopia Parkway.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to provide safety and transportation enhancements to the Flushing community, DOT recently removed the evening rush-hour regulation from the south side of eastbound Northern Boulevard between Parsons Boulevard and Utopia Parkway,” said Nicholas Mosquera, a DOT spokesperson. “This change, which was requested by Councilmember [Peter] Koo and also supported by the Community Board 7 Transportation Committee, will provide additional parking for the community and customers of nearby businesses during these hours, while retaining loading areas for local deliveries.”

The current regulations have become an issue because they prohibit parking during prime shopping hours, making it more difficult for residents to find spots.


Anonymous said...

The community has not spoken! The business owners spoke to Peter Koo and he obeyed them! Commuters need every inch of space possible on Northern Blvd. to drive home from work during rush hour. This is INSANITY. If you thought commuting during a Met Game was bad just wait until people can park, people always double park and the commuters will have ONE LANE on Northern Blvd. to use.
CB7 approved it without the input of the public. CB7 is having a public meeting in Sept. and that issue is NOT up for discussion. People from district 20 tell your councilman to put back NO STANDING 4-7pm. Isn't Paul Vallone on CB7? CB7 thinks that Northern Blvd. will be fine with one less lane for the commuters during rush hour. Wake up people!!!!

Anonymous said...

Extra traffic? That sucks. And so will the air around there from the additional fumes.

"CB7 approved it without the input of the public."

Did you realistically think otherwise? If the public had input, common sense might've prevailed. We all know that doesn't happen in Queens.

Anonymous said...

What does CB7 member and candidate Paul Vallone have to say about this????

Anonymous said...

Great! Just what Flushing needs....more traffic, more congested side streets and more pollution. Who at CB7 thought this was a good idea? IDENTIFY YOURSELVES!!!!

Anonymous said...

Even when there are plenty of parking spots, people still insist on double parking! So these extra parking spaces for them will not matter!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, but what about the North curb? At least that may possibly reduce the number of cars parking in front of our houses and blocking our driveways North of Northern Blvd, as they've been doing for a number of yrs now. About once a month, I've had to call tio report a car blocking my driveway on, the now infamous, 149th Street. Someties they don't do anything and I've had to drive over my and my neighbor's lawn and sidewalk to get my car out and get to work or wherever I've needed to get to. This also brings up another ssue; the police at the 109th Pct have not been doing much of anything about all these commercial vehicles parked illegally. Sometimes they never even drive by and some times even when they do drive by that's all they do, without ticketing the vehicle(s).~

Anonymous said...

the traffic actually isnt too bad during rush hour on 147th, it gets a lot worse further up though by 162

Anonymous said...

law enforcement is so hasty to give out stupid parking tickets to cars which are parked and not really bothering anyone. why arent they going after people who double park? double parking is far more offensive that paying your meter late, theres no need for it, and anyone that double parks doesnt have any excuse as to why they are doing it. they are just too lazy to turn the corner and stand on a side road. double parking is much worse than adding parking to northern boulevard, because people already park illegally or run their engine between 4-7 effectively blocking the whole street anyway.