Sunday, August 18, 2013

Introducing the Melrose Ballroom

There's a building going up in Astoria called the Melrose Ballroom at 36-08 33rd Street.

Their website advertises it as coming in early 2013, but apparently they're a bit behind schedule.

Here's what the finished product will look like. Hooray for chartreuse!

Just for fun, I decided to see what was there before this new building. Oh, I'm sorry, according to the permits, this is not a new building. There was only supposed to be "INTERIOR DEMOLITION AT FIRST FLOOR, MEZZANINE, AND SECOND FLOOR."

Yeah, okay. They DID get caught, BTW.

The final result will be this.

"Miraculous Greek singers" are scheduled to perform here starting mid-November. Why, you may ask?


k said...

Based on the logo, it appears naming rights for the ballroom have gone to Melrose Credit Union out of Briarwood. This must be the smallest venue I've seen with a corporate name attached.

Anonymous said...

Greeks are leaving Astoria yet the Greek venues keep popping up. Hookah lounges, belly dancing: high toned entertainment that has so much defined our borough.

Right across the street from the Tequila Sunset Bar.

Sounds to me that a new Queens entertainment center is in the making. (I would have called it an entertainment Mecca but that source of unending fascination by hipsters is already over on Steinway Street - another example of the Vallone urban planning magic in action.)

Nice work for Dutch Kills Civic on community revitalization - right up there with hotels across the street from Queensbridge.

I would say that is a successful western Queens Civic, a favorite of Cathy Nolan, Mike Gianaris, Jimmy Van Bramer, and Peter Vallone who lavishes tons of money on them while other groups in the area starve.

But don't worry dear Queens Crap readers. Western Queens pols are headed your way!

Look out Bell Blvd! Grand Avenue this magic is on the way! Utopia Pkway this is in your future! College Pt Blvd - ferrgetababoutit!

Joe said...

$105.00 - $165.00 plus ticket distribution surcharges to see a concert and "Greek track acts" ?
That's insane !!!

Anonymous said...

We need this in an already congested neighborhood?

mmbb said...

Well, usually I think you are on spot for "ba" developments but this entry shows some oversight in your research. First off, I live in the area and below 36th Ave the residential housing has deteriorated over the decades due to terrible city zoning choices back in the 60's. To see what houses were there go to Michael 's Restaurant and see the photo comparison of Astoria and LIC early 20th century and late 20th/early 21st.

On that particular stretch there had been mostly multistory warehouses and businesses so Melrose Ballroom is actually in keeping with the context.

What I do agree is what are they going to do about parking - with the other smaller nightclub down the street you could have a traffic nightmare.

As for the entertainment realize they are offering something not available in the US and comon in Greece - sort of an overnight musical extravaganza featuring dinner, drink and later coffee and breakfast. They may have a hotel across the street for that. The only residential unit is by a Mexican bar that was busted for prostitution 10 years ago and now stands empty.

As for Greeks leaving you are wrong, due to Greece's terrible economy, thousands of Greeks are migrating to Astoria again over the past 2 years, reversing the trend of Greeks returning to Greece from the 80's thru early 2000's.

Historically 36th Ave had a nightclub scene back when Tony Bennet from AStoria Projects did his first acts on 36th Ave.

Overall I think this is a good development BUT my optimism is guarded - so keep a good watch on these guys Queens Crap!

In the meantime why don't you do a real problem - the "condo" or "rental unit Hallet Cove apartments near Astoria Houses which tenants say is run terribly - Astoria Houses is far better managed than that property.

Anonymous said...

It's supposed to be a Greek club but it is so crowded with tables there is no room for dancing. Everyone is on top of one another. For the amount t of money they charge to get in without drinks is insane. NOT WORTH IT.