Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gentrification can only go so far

All it takes is one rotten property to bring down an area. Case in point: The house on the right. Among the restored buildings and not-too-out-of-character new one next door, 510 Lafayette Ave sticks out like a sore thumb.

Ah, rodents. Let's see what else is going on here.

In 2007, an illegal SRO was found inside. A later complaint called it a "rehab center". One of those halfway houses that the city authorized, then shut down, perhaps.

Then there was a complaint of termites.

Then work without a permit in 2008 followed by a shaky building.

In 2009, an illegal SRO was found inside yet again. Also, exposed electrical wiring.

Then in 2010, squatters moved in though it was boarded up and this went on for at least a year.

Total violations: $66,450


Anonymous said...

This is intentional by the politicians who will let someone like this crap all over a community as not to crimp one iota the freedom of developers.

A car parked by an expired meter for one minute gets a stiff fine and after a few hours gets towed.

City council stop wasting tweeding with illegals with our taxes and cluttering everyone's in box with empty self aggrandizing gestures and do the work we sent you to do!

Anonymous said...

Movies in the park
Free digital mammograms
Immigration counseling
Dogs in the park
Discretionary Budgeting Scam
My Council member is more concerned about playing it safe and getting name recognition with these events. Movies in the park might be nice but how is it helping out community. We need these guys to do what they were elected to do. Our neighborhoods are getting destroyed and they continue to do nothing.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Mark Webrin

setecq said...

"Not too out of character?" Are you kidding me? The bullshit next to 510 looks like a CAD rendering from outer space. You can rehabilitate 510 and make it a wonderful place again, but its neighbor will never been an asset to the character of the block.

Anonymous said...

Why does this block look so stark? Did the grass and trees just get cemented over? The old building has so much potential. The new POS should be condemned!