Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Astoria landlord in deep doo-doo

From DNA Info:

A Queens landlord was indicted Monday for stealing tens of thousands of dollars from prospective tenants for rent on apartments that were deemed uninhabitable after the space was illegally converted into a nine-family building, according to the Queens District Attorney's office.

Hinyoung Limtung, 55, is facing charges for allegedly pocketing $44,050 from would-be renters for apartments at 31-70 Crescent St., near Broadway, in Astoria — despite the fact that a vacate order had been issued at the property for unsafe and illegal conditions.

According to the Queens DA, the Department of Buildings had issued the vacate order in December of 2012 after an inspection found the two-family building had been illegally converted into a five-family building, and that the first and second floors had no sprinkler system and no secondary means of egress.

A second inspection of the building in February of 2013 found tenants still living at site, despite the vacate order, and that the property had been illegally converted again, this time into a nine-family dwelling, the Queens DA said.

Officials say Limtung collected rent from 10 prospective tenants between December 2012 and April 2013, despite the vacate order.


Anonymous said...

Another chapter of Vallonia, the unique civic culture of the Vallones soon coming to a block near you!

A Vallone in office?

God Save Queens!

Anonymous said...

what a surprise. He's Korean. How does an illegal immigrant find the money to buy real estate like this?

Anonymous said...

1 down, 200,000 to go.

Anonymous said...

He's Korean. How does an illegal immigrant find the money to buy real estate like this

An immigrant probably, but illegal? Where in the article does it say that? You will be surprise that some of these 'illegals' immigrants are super wealthy.. I recently already knew 2 incident from my friends whom personally knows people from China had bought houses in Queens and Syssoset with all cash.. (1 in Bayside single family for $1.35 Million - the full asking price in cash, and the other 850K in all cash and willing to pay an addition 15k for all the furniture inside the house so he doesn't have to have a headache to move and buy furnitures.) It's probably these 'immigrants' people keeping US housing market afloat during those tough times, whether we like it or not.