Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More people dumping house trash in city bins

From the Daily News:

Home trash in city litter bins is really piling up — and this year, scofflaws have been largely getting off scot-free.

The number of $100 fines issued for illegal dumping of residential garbage in street bins dropped by 78% in fiscal year 2013, which ended June 30, city records show.

The number of trash tickets doled out declined to 922 from 4,185 in fiscal 2012.

The Sanitation Department said the huge drop happened because the agency’s cadre of enforcement officers were transferred to traffic duty for weeks after Hurricane Sandy.

While fewer tickets were issued, illegal trash dumping at the city’s 25,000 litter baskets is on the rise, local authorities say.


Joe Moretti said...

The most expensive city, NYC, is also the most filthiest and there is no reason for that. NYC is way too overrated.

Anonymous said...

Joe, NYC consists of Manhattan, Williamsburg, & Park Slope.., the rest of us may not even live in New York State. There isn't a problem with household trash in those neighborhoods' street-collection baskets; landlords renting residential units over retail make provisions for household trash, unlike in our neighborhoods, where it seems they begrudge the space. Plus, in those areas the cans are emptied when their full, rather than once a week.

Anonymous said...

So many people do this now, this has become for them, the normal way of disposing their garbage.

Anonymous said...

These people do realize that sanitation will pick up the trash from in front of their houses right?

Queens Crapper said...

Illegal apartment dwellers use city trashcans. Don't want to attract attention to the one-family house with 10 trash bags outside.