Monday, August 19, 2013

Building containing human cages busted

From the NY Post:

Chinatown’s “human kennel” was hit with more than 60 violations from multiple agencies for unsafe conditions exposed by The Post, records show.

After the exposé, the Hester Street hellhole, where men live in cage-like rooms, received 47 housing-code violations from the city’s Housing and Preservation Department, records show.

The department issued summonses on each of the building’s six floors for obstructed exits and illegal alterations to fire escapes and windows.

The building’s owner was slapped with an additional 13 Environmental Control Board violations, and the Department of Health issued an order to abate “cockroach conditions.”


Unknown said...

yet some how, before the post's article there were never any violations found. I'm sorry but if this isn't proof the buildings department is corrupt, I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

Keep them as confinement cells for crooked pols!
Gitmo in Chinatown.

Theodoric said...

This style of flop has existed in this city for close to a hundred years, centering on the Bowery and a few other neighborhoods. Most of these were squeezed out with gentrification etc.

The question: Is this a holdover or is this a new entry in a dormant category?

Anonymous said...

Yes the buildings dept. is corrupt but the fish always stinks from the head. look to your great leader new Yorkers.