Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lots more garbage all over Jamaica

From Clean Up Jamaica Queens:

"The powers to be love to throw around “Vibrant & Diverse” in describing Jamaica Queens. Well here is what your “Vibrant & Diverse” gets you, in just a radius of about 4 blocks. Councilman Ruben Wills is so on the money, it is the people, the extremely low class slobs who have invaded and taken over our community to make it look like some third world sh*t hole.

This is in front of some Tax and Accounting Service. Hopefully their accounting services are better than their cleanup of their storefront right down from Citi Bank.

Speaking of Citi Bank, this sh*t hole mess is right in front of Citi Bank and a bus stop.

Right across the street from the above mess , is this wonderful sight, the typical Jamaica sighting of a mattress. Did not know that Skylight Cellular was in the bedding business. See the low class third world immigrants walk by just like they are back home.

Another typical site, the overflowing garbage can (not the Asian guy). Considering these few blocks are “disgusting dirty Little Pakistan”, this should come as no surprise.

And another overflowing Hillside Avenue garbage can, this one with the typical household garbage that comes from the many illegal apartments in Jamaica. This is in front of the Guyana Palm Court Bar/Restaurant.

Right around the corner of the Guyana Palm Court and in front of Kahn’s Tutorial in the same building is this. When I reported this, the status (# 1-1-877910771) came back as “The Department of Sanitation investigated this complaint and found no violation at the location.”

And in front of the typical low class third world sh*t hole apartments that litter Jamaica is this mess. I am not sure which mess is worse the garbage or these ugly sh*t hole third world apartments.

The usual dumping ground in front of the empty lot at 170-19 89th Ave that has been going on for several years and nothing seems to be happening to the owner.

So there you have it, from 169th Street and Hillside Ave to 171st Street ending at 170th Street and 89th Ave. In these few blocks I see several violations, but yet, the same day I was talking photos, I was the one who got a ticket for riding my bike on the sidewalk off of Archer Avenue, since there are no bike lanes and that street is a notorious dangerous one, but yet the police officers felt the need to sound their siren and ride up on the corner and issue me a ticket.

So here is your “Vibrant and Diverse” Jamaica (I guess when you cannot come up with any thing really good about the community, you go for the standard “Vibrant and Diverse” in your publicity, because “Sh*tty and Low Class” probably is not a good selling point.

But congratulations, Jamaica Queens is now officially a third world country and a really sh*tty third world country.

Am I the only one who thinks that Jamaica has a really major garbage problem and that nothing is being done about this? Or are you all okay with this damn mess everywhere?"

Joe Moretti
Jamaica, NY 11432


Anonymous said...

Irs time to hold a protest on the steps of Queens Boro Hall aimed at ALL elected officials and culpable agencies including: DSNY, DOB, DEP, Parks, and FDNY.
Everything you have broadcast over the last few months
Involves each and every one of them. All are guilty for not enforcing the law and city codes. I will gladly attend.

Anonymous said...

Vibrant & diverse garbage. I think the city NYDS does not pick up along this Avenue as they should and the overflow is going to wherever it can sit. It's simply not getting picked up and folks are resigned to not care anyway.

Anonymous said...

I've been to places like India and China.

Trust me when i say they likely consider those images to be "clean" as compared to where they came from.

Anonymous said...

Entire portions of Vallone's district looks a lot like this - and the funny thing is the junk is stored next to trash cans with his name on it.

Funny how they work: they are involved only to ham up for a credit, but are MIA when a real problem hits.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you print the last line of your blog, that Queens Crap cut out

"I will say it again, if the majority of people were white, you would not being seeing this shit at all."

Racist much?

Queens Crapper said...

How is that racist? If anything, it calls out the fact that this neighborhood is being denied its share of city services because the people who live there aren't white.

You gotta pull the race card out of your ass, pal, and realize who the true racists are - the people running the city and their puppets on the city council.

Joe Moretti said...

Queens Crap did not cut anything out. When I first sent out my email to everyone, that line "I will say it again, if the majority of people were white, you would not being seeing this shit at all", was not in it, I added it later on to my blog.

So exactly how did you turn that into a racist comment. This is something that many people, especially people of color, have been saying about the community, that if it were white, the city would be doing something about this the day before. Nothing racist in that line what-so-ever, except for your own spin to make it racist. What make the situation even worse is that the elected leaders in Jamaica, including Helen Marshall, are all people of color. Do you really think they would be doing nothing in this matter if the community was white?

I love how people always want to try and put a spin on it, just like Fox News.

Anonymous said...

Where there's garbage theirs rats and biggest and most voracious rats are the ones you keep electing, democrats and republicans. It's not racist, it's complacency versus megalomania. Plato said this I think.

Anonymous said...

I remember what the neighborhood used to look like. It was pleasant.
Now it's a nightmare.
Way to go, Joe!! Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...


You are pissing into the wind. Get out of that cesspool while you still can.

OT, but why is "people of color" politically correct, but not "colored people"?

Anonymous said...

You can run but you cant hide. flushing was once a nice place and it all went hell. Whitestone, bayside, north flushing next on the crapper. Run, run, run.

Anonymous said...

Sidewalk and tree pits have been filthy for months. reported to 311 about a week ago- still filthy today. Where??? 118 street between Jamaica ave and 89 ave, Richmond Hill.....Exactly where??? propery of 102 police precient. Not blaming the cops, it's the building maintainers, or lack of them, to blame.

Anonymous said...

litter on 118 street 102 priecintI
311 # 1-1-878074811

Anonymous said...

Yawn...the Jamaica garbage coverage continues.

But maybe THAT'S WHAT IT TAKES to ram home the message to Jamaica's crooked representatives!

Unless the population of Jamaica improves, or the area becomes gentrified, conditions won't improve.

3rd world slobs create their old homeland conditions.
How nostalgic!

Anonymous said...

By comparison,
this kind of makes me glad to be living in Flushing.

Jamaica's dump beats Floo-shing's unsanitary streets.

Asians might seem a bit robotic and unfriendly but that beats rubbing elbows with Jamaica's attitudinal "bros".

Anonymous said...

Garbage is as Garbage Dumps

Reina said...

"I've been to places like India and China.

Trust me when i say they likely consider those images to be "clean" as compared to where they came from."

Eh? That depends on which region of those countries you went to (most likely the villages or the outskirts of Beijing or Delhi). I highly doubt you'd say Detroit is clean. People from Hong Kong, Dubai and Japan think of NYC in general as sordid and unclean, which is true. I've been asked by family how I even live in Manhattan because it's so smelly and why garbage stains fill the streets, gum on the side walks, archaic public telephones, scaffolding with graffiti. The list goes on. I'm just pointing out how subjective your comment is.

Anonymous said...

I work over by the federal building in Jamaica and it's a disgusting pigsty on the side streets near Rufus King Park. One street, off of 153rd Street and Jamaica Avenue, is essentially a public toilet. As I sit and wait for the end of alternate side parking, I can see multiple men use the first tree on the block as their own personal urinal. The back of the building at 153-01 Jamaica has a strip of grass that routinely has broken glass, empty bottles (or worse, bottles filled with piss), and trash from the houses across the street. One resident would chain his stolen supermarket cart full of trash to one of the sign poles along the curb. A couple of weeks ago, the trash went upscale when someone disposed of some old, gross Prada flip flops. That block is also notorious for drivers backing up the wrong way down the one way street, and people smoking pot.