Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vallone supporters now using violent imagery against Graziano

Goodness, now we're setting other candidates on fire, Mr. Vallone?

How many times can you send out different versions of the same hit piece?

I suppose desperate candidates call for desperate measures. This is obviously a stock photo of a "family" nowhere near Queens.

So much for the "family man" Mr. Vallone purports himself to be.

Tony Avella, Chrissy Voskerichian, Paul Graziano, Austin Shafran and John Duane will be denouncing these mailers today at 12 noon at the Bayside LIRR station.

Even the Daily News has noticed. And instead of manning up, Paul Vallone denies any knowledge of the smear campaign:

“Anybody who thinks Paul Vallone’s politics and policies will be affected by a piece of mail clearly does not know him,” he said.

What? How about denouncing the mailer? Obviously, Paul Vallone isn't man enough to do that.

And FYI, from Crains:

The City Council's Progressive Caucus fired a warning shot at the Real Estate Board of New York Monday in the form of a legislative proposal to severely limit the real estate industry's ability to spend money on political campaigns.

The council should seek to close the "LLC loophole" in state campaign finance law that allows many real estate corporations to give $150,000 to independent expenditures like REBNY's "Jobs for New York" political action committee, according to a memo from Councilman Brad Lander obtained by The Insider.

Mr. Lander, who co-chairs the council's Progressive Caucus, is unlikely to find much support for his bill during an election year, with more than half of the council up for re-election and several of the Democrats running for mayor benefiting from independent expenditures on their behalf.


Anonymous said...

What exactly is a "high" quality of life? The 3 of them should send out a hit piece stating that Vallone supports drug deals in Flushing to go along with the home invasions.

Anonymous said...

OMG this makes Vallone look SO BAD

Joe Moretti said...

The Vallones are just plain assholes and if you vote for the Vallones, you are exactly the same and you will get what you deserve.

Anonymous said...

Wake up you sleeyheads with the valloney balloney lawn signs!! Open you eyes and see what a hoodlum you are supporting. Doesn't he go to St. Andrew's? Is this what christians do? Don't ignore the warning signs. Don't elect this kind of person to represent you!!!!

Jerry Rotondi said...

I give this production 5 stars!
"A must-see, for all! Raw! Desperate! Angry! Overwhelming! Yet, almost amusing"!

This is a classic example of the brand of adolescent "dirty-trick" tactics--usually employed by political mafiosi--whoever they might be, in this particular case.

It bespeaks treachery, thuggery--and COWARDICE in the face of fire. It will ultimately wind up backfiring in the face of its author(s).

The REAL MAN stands behind his words!
The COWARD takes cover beneath the bed while others do the nasty "wet work" at "the front".

I'm not making any direct accusations--but If this shoe fits Paul Vallone--then, so be it.

I'm also not running for any office--EVER--so order up a "smear sheet" on me for my plain speaking.
Scowl at me, if you wish, the next time we might meet at a "damn" BFHA meeting.

As a retired world class ad agency executive (who worked alongside my boss on Robert F. Kennedy's campaign) it's been well proven that these kinds of smear-hate ads DON'T really work in the end.

No need to use "Google". The ad agency I worked for was "Doyle Dane Bernbach Inc."--with offices worldwide.

This kind of negative campaigning represents an extremely desperate move to put up a smoke screen--in a vain attempt to hide the real truth.

The PAC behind these over the top (amateurish) ads-- reveal themselves to be similar to those over dramatic Mc Carthy era witch hunters. Look at the imagery they are using--"Commies" hiding under your bed type--the flames of destruction!
"Please save us all from Hell"! Good grief!

How very far behind the times--how out of touch, these cowards really are.

I'd expect this sort of tripe to come from "schlock shop" political PR firms like the "Parkside Group" or "Multi Media".

World famous advertising "guru", David Ogilvy ("Ogilvy, Benson & Mather") once referred to political advertising as possibly being the lowliest form of sludgery around.

Translation from The British:
MUD SLINGING with no guarantee of success.
The one who puts out this dung, winds up with a black eye--maybe two.

Anonymous said...

Desperate people (the Vallone campaign and supporters) say and do desperate things.

Anonymous said...

It's a matter of record that Paul Vallone
supported the White House Restaurant mega expansion plans, which was contrary to the wishes of the Greater Whitestone Taxpayers' Civic Association.

As a CB 7 member, Vallone voted in favor of helping out this restaurant's owner Joey "d'or" Franco in this matter. According to the news media, Franco is a Gambino crime family friend.

I'd call Vallone MAFIOSO by association!
Wouldn't you?

Do you want
a friend of a friend of the mob, representing the 19th district?
It's your funeral if you do.

Anonymous said...

The more the Vallone camp puts this stuff out, the worse it makes him look.

That crowd is SO stupid.

Anonymous said...

If he really said it then this is a big problem. Is he claiming he never said it?

That pic of Graziano is funny.

The Flushing Phantom said...

When you can't win the hearts of the voters, then you must resort to intimidation and extortion, or both.

Buy "protection" from the Vallone gang. It's the oldest form of exploitation in the book, since the days of the Bible.

Then there's political whoring and palm greasing! That's a whole other story!

Anonymous said...

The photos of Saturday Night Live Show "cone head" Vallone are even more funny. Maybe Vallone is French. Isn't that where the "cone heads" were supposed to have come from?

Anonymous said...

The quote came from a research paper that a college student did in 2001 and was eventually published in a sociology journal. He discussed the demographics of Flushing residents vs. the voter demographics as a reason that John Liu might not have been a lock on election day just because he was the Dem nominee.

The Graziano quote was, "I’m in a position here with a real record, certainly taking advantage of the
racial strife in my community, which is a horrible thing to say."

Of course, Vallone left out "which is a horrible thing to say."

It wasn't Graziano's "strategy," it was just him explaining how things were in that district back then, where a Republican won 40% of the vote in a district that was ~90% Dem because people tend to vote along racial lines above all else.

Anonymous said...

Look folks, if Bayside is talking this way about the mayoral primary, there's little hope that people are going to vote for the candidate that's in their best interest in the city council race. Enjoy Vallonia.

Queens Crapper said...

At least Graziano didn't smile in front of a banner about Armenian genocide as Vallone did. Or pose in front of a teardown with a big smile on his face and his campaign poster on the construction fence.

Anonymous said...

G-d damn!

The "Times Ledger" is a Ruppert Murdoch owned weekly tabloid news rag.

I wouldn't line my bird cage with it.

Here's where you get the unfettered G-d's own truth!

Jerry Rotondi said...

Paul Vallone's pasted on smile is a family tradition.

I once had the opportunity to photograph his pappa in his district office.

As soon as Pete "senior" Vallone heard my Nikon "F" series camera rewind--he immediately popped up from a document he was reading, to offer me a full teethed smile.

Let's face it.
A politician's instinct is to smirk for the "birdie".
An undertaker--a used car salesman--an insurance agent will flash you a similar smile.

It's in their genes.

But only a real dumbkoff smiles at a solemn event!
i.e. "Happy Memorial Day".

Anonymous said...

I smell a disgruntled BS-ing Ass-torian posting here.

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry to inform you...Hand Jobs For New York PAC people...Graziano doesn't look a bit like an old school SDS (Students For a Democratic Society) trouble maker.

The 60s are over my beer guzzling mason tenders and mob union carpenter friends.

Now the scum bun who obviously ordered this piece (since he's not pictured in it)...the other Paul...VALLONE...looks like the ultimate fascist thug Benito Mussolini...chrome dome and all!

Duce! Duce! Duce!
Hold up on the dose castor oil! The shit's about to fly anyway!

Anonymous said...

Here's some non-news: Lombardi's blog has endorsed his master, Vallone. What a tool.

georgetheatheist said...

Jerry, but Pappa Valone is a holy guy. He goes to Mass every day.

Jerry Rotondi said...

And what of it?
Wasn't it the Borgias, who had had their own pope installed?

It can't hurt to bend the knees on a regular basis or face rheumatism. Is there a patron saint of politicians?

You're better at this stuff than I am George.
Give me a hand here, please.

georgetheatheist said...

And because Pappa Valone, the holy guy, wants to have his soul saved and be with the saints as they go marchin' in, I'm sure Pappa Valone, the holy guy who goes to Mass every day, will be at the forefront of the Bayside Noon rally excoriating this scurrilous piece of campaign literature.

San Vallone di Astoria said...

"Come here Adam!
I need my feet washed. On your knees"!

Anonymous said...

but Pappa Valone is a holy guy. He goes to Mass every day.

Yeah, sort of like that scene in The Godfather where Michael Corleone is in church at the baptism of his nephew, while his henchmen are carrying out his orders elsewhere. Do you renounce Satan and all his evil works?

Anonymous said...

There's, of course, Saint Peter and Saint Paul.
Is there a Saint Perry that the other Vallone male child is named for?

H-m-m-m...PPP...like 3 peas in a pod!

Whoops...I gotta take a pee now.

Anonymous said...

Lombardi is such a big time political pundit...
all 5'2" of him.

He'd better put another phonebook under his ass. He can hardly see his computer screen.

We can hardly see him...just his fingers clicking away.

Anonymous said...

The Vallones attend Mass. I like that.
Do they have mass appeal as candidates.
We'll know very soon.

Anonymous said...

Tools of a politician's trade:

Shaking hands; kissing babies; eating rubber chicken with your homies to show you're one of them; attending worship services regularly; baseball or soccer team coaching; etc. ; etc. ; etc. ; OH...and TELLING LIES with "great integrity"...MOST important!

The Heavenly Host said...

Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates: Next! Name!
Pappa Valone: Peter Vallone, Senior.
SPatPG: What have you done with your allotted time on Earth to cause admittance to the Heavenly Kingdom?
PV: I'm on my knees everyday at Mass acting like a holy guy.
SPatPG: But I have here a piece of campaign literature condoned by Paul, the issue of your loins, which falsely accuses his competitor of fomenting racial divide.
PV: But, but you see, I'm a holy guy. I'm on my knees every morning praying for the saving of my soul!
SPatPG: Away with this disgusting lout! Send him downstairs where he belongs!

Professor Anonymous said...

Here's the full quote from Graziano from "'TRYING TO KICK IT OPEN': A SYNTHESIS OF NARRATIVE POLITICS AND CAMPAIGN STRATEGIES IN THE 2001 NEW YORK CITY COUNCIL ELECTIONS," by Andrew G. Kourvetaris, Joumal of Political and Military Sociology, Vol. 34, No. 2 (Winter 2006): 339-357, with the quote from pages 351-352:

Begin quote:

Along similar lines, novice Green candidate Paul Graziano banks on the ethnic rivalries between Asian voters in his District 20. "If it all comes down to me and [County Democratic candidate] John Liu," Graziano predicts, "there is tremendous resentment against the Chinese in my district. Like I said among the White, Black, and Hispanic people, they will vote not party line but racial lines against John Liu. And although the district is 37 percent white and 35percent Asian, 10 percent of the Asian is South Asian. They don't vote with the Koreans and the Chinese." Graziano further deduces his chances at winning the general
election, based on "racial strife in my community":

The Koreans and Chinese hate each other. The Taiwanese and the mainland Chinese hate each other. It's incredibly fractious. But, in terms of enrollment. White folk make up 60 percent, Hispanics make up 15 percent, and the Black folk make up 5 percent. Twenty percent Asian and . . . a third of that is South Asian. So really only 14 percent is Chinese and Korean, and 7 percent is Korean and 7 percent is Chinese. So, the point is that what is reality and what is what people think is reality are two very different things. So, I'm in a position here with a real
record, certainly taking advantage of the racial strife in my
community, which is a horrible thing to say.

Hence, this false notion of "Asian homogeneity," according to Hui and Graziano, splits the vote. Of course, candidates who employ the split vote logic presuppose identity politics in their districts, which homogenize individuals and groups by race, ethnicity, gender, and the like.

End quote.

Anonymous said...

It is true. You think you can deny it? You'll have a gaol time!

Anonymous said...

It's funny, when Evan Stavisky goes on NY1 and breaks political races down like this, he's a political genius. When Graziano's does it, Stavisky puts it on a mailer as something dastardly and sends it out on behalf of Paul Vallone.

Anonymous said...

And Vallone thinks he's going to get mileage out of these attack pieces? What a loser. No record to run on, so he has to resort to this.

Anonymous said...

Someone should check out that Paul had a terrible attendance record when he was on the Community Board in Astoria. He was actually called in the BP's office

Anonymous said...

Just came back from the press conference in Bayside held by Sen. Avella with the four candidates to denounce the attack pieces by "Jobs for New York." Shafran said there was another hit piece today targeting just him. Apparently the mailings are targeted, and not everyone receives them. (Graziano hasn't received any of them.) Duane said he spoke to Paul Vallone personally and asked him to repudiate the ads; of course, Vallone has not. Chrissy was really offended by the ads and called Vallone's character into question.

Anonymous said...

Also at today's press conference in Bayside, a reporter asked if anyone else (other than John Duane) had spoken to Paul Vallone about the ads, Graziano responded by saying, "I don't talk to cowards."

Anonymous said...

Vallone marched in the procession at St. Andrews 100 year celebration. He didn't even attend that school. I guess those people don't know him as well as they thought. Can't imagine a church would endorse or codone such sicko propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Daddy Pete Vallone milked his church in Astoria for publicity. What better place to been seen in when you're running for office?

In Church you can be thought of as a God fearing family (more like La Famiglia) man!

If the 'V"s so easily put religion to teir use...by insinuating that God is on their side...think of how they will use who they see as their underling constituents.

Do you want the cloven hooves representing your neighborhood?

Send Paulo to the Devil where he belongs.

This thug has no place in a civilized community.

Anonymous said...

It looks like our aging brat boy, Evan Stavisky, is running around in circles like an enraged drag queen...throwing a hissy fit that his hit pieces have fallen far short of their intended mark.

Of course Parkside is behind them!

Anonymous said...

A suggestion Evan...
draw fire away from Parkside's authorship of these hate mongering ads by running one against Paul Vallone too.

In that way you might dupe a lot of voters into thinking that it's not Don Paulo pushing the real estate development industry PAC "Jobs For New York" to run them against his opponents.

Could that strategy work?
I think it's a little too late for that.

It's already obvious to almost everyone that the political mobster Vallone is behind it all.

Anonymous said...

Professor Anonymous must be high on something.
More important...can anyone ever understand what phony eggheads like these have to say?

I think that those inflamatory hit pieces have already backfired.

I'll bet that mamma Toby is now going to spank Evan for his overzealous stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Attention all hands...fire in the hold!
The Vallone vessel could be in danger of sinking!

H-m-m-m, speaking of going down...don't worry about the little succubus Adam. He's small enough to float easily.

Broadway Baby said...

Get out the lawn chairs and mix the Martinis.
This is going to be one helluva great show!

Anonymous said...

Coverage of the Bayside press conference in the Patch.

19th district resident said...

Keep on moving forward, candidate Graziano.
Vallone is close to shooting his wad.

Remember the frigate USS Constitution..."Old Ironsides".

The English took their best shots but their cannon balls kept on bouncing off of her hull.

Stay the course and give Don Paulo hell!
We're with you at the polls! That's where it counts!

Anonymous said...

He know's he can win by placing "fear cards" in front of stupid voters !!
--and Queens has PLENTY of them.

Graziano needs a good graphic artists and press agent combat this dirty psychiatry

Anonymous said...

"Get out the lawn chairs and mix the Martinis"
Not quite: Remember the stupid dont read Queens crap, print media or watch debates.
They vote by what they see on campaign boards or hanging on the wall at the welfare office.

Anonymous said...

Why is anyone surprised by attack and negative ads? This IS politics! This garbage happens all the time and will continue to happen all the time.

Politics is a bare knuckle game that only self serving knuckleheads play. If one wants to be successful in the game they must get down and dirty.

All politicians are lowlife pieces of excrement.

Anonymous said...

Speaking about garbage politicians, is anyone running against Elizabeth Crowley in the dem primary for the seat of the 30th council district? Or did her slimy Virginia based cousin make sure she runs uncontested?

Anonymous said...

Did any one see the new one from Brother Pete with him and Avella on the same page.

If you didn't read the copy you would swear Avella was endorsing Vallone for Borough President.

Did Avella cave to Petey for a job down the road?

Lord Luv-a-fight said...

It's still worth mixing up some Tanqueray Martinis and relaxing in a lawn chair, whilst keeping abreast.

This looks to be one of greatest sporting events of the year, old sport!

after the U.S. Open, there's a lull in my social calendar.

Steve Behar said...

That's funny! In 2009 Vallone and his campaign FALSELY accused me and my campaign of making a You Tube campaign video of his kids. While we made videos exposing that Vallone was a lobbyist for the real estate developers and in the pockets of those developers, we always named our campaign in our videos and sourced our claims. We would have never put his kids a video.

Vallone and his campaign complained about our "negative campaign" and said he was above such tactics.

Now, four years later, Vallone and his campaign have NEVER APOLOGIZED for falsely accusing me and my campaign. In addition, he refuses to repudiate the hit pieces his closely related Real Estate PAC are putting out.

I am friends with the other four candidates in this race and I hope they call out this hypocrisy and send a message that you can't buy the seat to represent District 19.