Saturday, August 10, 2013

Brooklynites have brains

From NY1:

Decades of pollution left the Gowanus Canal toxic. The federal government designated it a superfund cleanup site.

Developer Lightstone Group believes its planned 700 unit residential buildings are environmentally friendly, and that some of the associated construction will actually help clean the water.

More than a dozen residents, though gathered on the bridge over the canal Thursday expressing their concern to mayoral candidate William Thompson.

"We're very concerned about what we see as a very wrongheaded, ill-conceived design," said Warren Cohen of Save Gowanus.

Many are worried the development will make flooding in their neighborhood worse during storms.

"It's safe for them," Cohen said. "They stay dry. We get wet, and unfortunately, we get wet with toxic water."

Yet when development happened on brownfields in LIC, and along Flushing and Newtown Creeks, no one said a thing.

Wake the hell up, Queens.

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Anonymous said...

Naw, in Queens if someone stands up everyone else runs the the local pol to cut their own deal or glumly remains hiding in a hole.

If the local pol signals they oppose any discussion, all support against the idea angrily states its a waste of time and walks away.