Thursday, August 29, 2013

Paul Vallone says he would favor legislation that bans election spending by PACs

But has no problem benefiting from such spending now...

Why won't he denounce the mailers put out by Jobs For New York/Parkside if he, as the county candidate, had nothing to do with them? (As if County and Parkside aren't thick as thieves.)


Anonymous said...

Valloney Balloney said his campaign has nothing to do PAC. Then why didn't he say he was against those viscous mailers? What shrug of responsibility. Why isn't he publicly imploring "Jobs for NY" to stop their destructive methods"? Because he approves!! Shame, shame on you Valloney Balloney and your ignorant supporters. Obviously they can't read. Or maybe they are just too busy watching Honey Boo Boo and reading the Enquirer.

Jerry Rotondi said...

It looks like candidate Vallone is trying to soft soap the voters--and patch up a big boo-boo--regarding his clandestine connection to these scare pieces.

This is an extremely transparent ploy--
and represents a desperate move on Vallone's part. It's too little and comes far too late.

The damage that Paulo has done to his own campaign and credibility needs major surgery to try and save it.

I think that we've all already been made aware that the "Parkside Group" is creating the sludgery that benefits Paulo. Notice how HE ALONE is not the target of the PAC's hit pieces.

But, of course--that "Jobs For New York" PAC (real estate industry shills) is the type of group that Vallone lobbies for.

Oops, I forgot to mention--did not that same real estate PAC endorse Vallone?

Now (as someone has already called him) our "Don-ette" has suddenly found "religion" and proposes legislation to combat these PACS.

Hooray and halleluljah!
A blessing on the head of our fine upstanding family man, coach and church attender.

Well, YOU AIN'T my councilman yet!

This whole situation would be laughable if political thug Vallone weren't a threat to northeast Queens!

Now, more than ever, DO NOT vote Vallone!

Aside from being a coward (with a great sense of entitlement) Vallone has scored up quite a few lies, instead of any real accomplishments for the betterment of the 19th district.

As you can plainly see, I'm no coward and stand behind my comments.

Anonymous said...

Naw, Vallone supporters are not stupid.

They think they can get away with just about any quality of life abuse.

They think their property is a gold mine that they can do anything with and have no concern about their neighbors with a community board picked by bro turning a blind eye.

That is why its important that you talk to your neighbor with that Vallone sign on their front lawn ... NOW!

Anonymous said...

WTF RU talking about, "Naw"?
Your obtuse comments need some clarification.

Please expound.

Anonymous said...

Like rancid sausage meat filling a shit sack...



Does anyone believe a word that the youngest of the Vallone boys--who's endorsed by the NYC real estate board's PAC--is saying anymore?

Ah...but Adam Lombardi still thinks that Paul Vallone is the Messiah.

Adam has, most likely, been promised a job with the "Don-ette" to replace the one he lost up in Rockland County.

H-m-m-m...Rockland County?
Doesn't that ring a bell!
That's where Parkside's Evan Stavisky plies his trade.

What a circle-jerkle of political bedfellows exists.
One hand washes the dirt off one hand onto the other. Then that other hand shakes another hand. The dirt gets past around. So does the $$$$$$$!

Just like ambulance chasing attorneys, the "Darkside" Goup comes out ahead regardless of the outcome of any contest.

Anonymous said...

What an empty position to take.

It's by FEDERAL mandate that PACS are allowed to do what they do.

WTF could (bite my tongue) councilman Vallone do to change that from city hall?


He just wants to worm his way in, so that his developer pals have their own boy representing them in our district!


Anonymous said...

Stinky is the stiinkiest stinker.

Anonymous said...

Now more than ever...Don't vote for stinky!!

Joe Moretti said...

If he was anymore full of shit, he would be a toilet in a homeless shelter.

Anonymous said...

Queens Chronicle article about the press conference by Avella and the other 4 Democratic candidates regarding Vallone and the dirty fliers.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Evil lies again.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that some Broadway-Flushing homeowners woke up one morning and saw Vallone signs on their lawn?

Is it also true these same homeowners feel too intimidated to remove them for fear of retribution?

Rhea O'Gorman said...

The following was sent to
Congressmember Meng, Senator Stavisky, Assemblymember Braunstein, Assemblymember Kim and Councilmember Weprin and cc'd to the five District 19 Council candidates:

During the course of the City Council Race in District 19, Jobs for New York has sent a series of "hit pieces" against three of the candidates for the benefit of Paul Vallone. The mailers are paid for by Jobs for New York and upon information and belief, were designed, printed and distributed by Parkside. All legally done and done in the name of politics for the good of the county machine and to promote and theoretically ensure the election of a candidate who will serve the interests of his benefactors, the Real Estate Board of New York.

That legally a candidate can have no connection to the sponsor of such correspondence is a convenient legal fiction enacted into law by the very people it serves to protect. Such politics benefits no one but the County machine and candidates who are willing to sell their offices to the highest bidder at the expense of their communities.

Jobs for New York has thrown down the gauntlet of negative campaigning with a level of vengeance that is beyond comprehension in a local race. The lies, innuendo, out of context quotes and literally inflammatory graphics should be as deplorable to any sitting politician or candidate as they are to me and members of the 19th Council District. They should especially be deplorable to a candidate who continually touts integrity, family values and his Christian church as his hallmarks.

That you all endorsed and continue to support the Vallone candidacy without reservation speaks volumes about your desire to remain in the good graces of the county machine and uncontrolled future benefactors and very little about your actual support of this or any other endorsed candidate. However, there comes a time in human events, including political campaigns, when courage, integrity, decency and standing up against what is wrong separates the public servants from the hacks.

This campaign tactic is one of those watershed events. All of you are current office holders who have either the power to introduce legislation to take back total control of your campaigns and to disallow such spending and return the political process to the constituents you claim to serve or to influence colleagues who have such power. The" poor little candidate" who cannot stop a big bad entity from spewing unwanted campaign literature throughout your districts doesn't play well. It is time to take responsibility for your campaigns and to be accountable to your constituents for what is put out in your names.

This may turn out to be one of those issues which empowers voters to say "NO" at the polls to candidates who support negative independent expenditures, who refuse to take accountability for their campaigns and who are willing by extension to sell their offices. The beginning of such a movement in District 19 may have been the joining of five civic associations in common voice against the practice though the civics themselves support different candidates.

It is unfortunate for the political process, the integrity of your offices and your standing in the community that none of you have publicly repudiated this practice.

Rhea O'Gorman
Station Road Civic Association

Anonymous said...

Vallone locked the barn door after the horses escaped.

Anonymous said...

However, there comes a time in human events, including political campaigns, when courage, integrity, decency and standing up against what is wrong separates the public servants from the hacks.

Very nice, perhaps its true, but serfs in Queens have no rights and no one will come to your assistance if your cross your councilman

- if Vallone gets in

1. there goes your funding.
2. forget about any media coverage in Queens.
3. that civic down the road that kept their mouth shut will be encouraged to cover your area.

Even if he doesn't, you are on someone's list. Wait until you need your trees trimmed, your neighbor with that Vallone sign on their lawn needs to send their kids to college and wants a variance for a multifamily.

In other words, you just cooked your goose.

Welcome to the one party state.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous BF signs...
Yes it's true people woke up to Vallone signs and fear their kids will be bullied in school by his kids if they find out Vallone's signs were taken down. Look what's being done to the other candidates on Vallone's behalf. Vallone has been calling people telling them to put his sign up. That's so nasty. What a bag of cheap goods.

Anonymous said...

"Jobs For New York"...what a PAC of lies!
They're the front for the NYC real estate board!

There's a lot of under utilized land in the 19th district. The demonic developers want it. Through their stooge Paul Vallone...warming a seat in the city council...they'll get it!

Elect of their own...and you'll regret it.