Saturday, August 31, 2013

Flushing Meadows still #2 in violent crime

From the Wall Street Journal:

Serious felonies rose in New York City's largest parks during the spring months this year, increasing 44% for April 1 to June 30 compared with the same period in 2012, according to a New York Police Department report.

There were 128 felonies in the city's 31 biggest parks from April 1 to June 30, compared with 89 in the same period last year, according to an NYPD Compstat report.

The increase comes on the heels of a park-crime spike of 7% in 2012, compared with 2011—the biggest year-over-year jump in half a decade, NYPD statistics show.

The report didn't include historical data for crime in parks. Crime in Central Park has reached historical lows in recent years, according to NYPD data for the park's precinct. Major crimes fell nearly 73% from 1990 to 2012 in Central Park, according to the NYPD, and robberies went down more than 90%, from 152 in 1990 to 15 in 2012.

Central Park saw the most serious felonies in the spring with 37 reported crimes—including a rape, two robberies and five felony assaults.

Flushing Meadows Park in Queens had the second-highest number of serious crimes with 27, including two reported robberies and two felony assaults, according to the report.

In 2012, there were 354 major felonies in the city's largest 31 parks, up from 331 in 2011.


Anonymous said...

Where's our Queens Parks Commissioner? Probably on vacation again...

Anonymous said...

And that's just what's been reported. You think the illegals are calling the cops?

I'm sure the actual numbers are at least quadruple that in Flushing Meadows.

Joe Moretti said...

Again no surprise here. I am no longer surprised anymore what happens in Queens. The people do not give a shit and the leaders certainly do not give a shit. I am amazed at this point, why people still live in NYC at this point and why they flock here. I always hear opportunities, but those opportunities get off kilter due to the high cost of living and the poor quality of life here. Plus there is nothing really unique anymore about NYC with all the chains and big box stores. It ain't what is used to be, and many of us know the reason.

Anonymous said...

Flushing Meadows resembles a Nicaraguan jungle with no police or parks department personnel in sight. You have the illegal baby carriage vendors making a mockery of the Parks Department with licensed vendors being harassed and threatened.

Haven't seen Peter Vallone or Mindy Katz campaigning in Flushing Meadows..I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

That's why the we need to have an MLS stadium and expand the USTA facilities. In that way the Latino tribes can be expelled from the "parkland".

Isn't that the plotting going on behind city planning's moves to get rid of the Willets Point junkyards too?

This whole area is unsavory!

Soon we'll have a return of the "wilding" incidents that used to plague FMCP in the past...if they haven't already begun.

Anonymous said...

I had my car mirrors stolen from around here 2 years ago and you would think that with all the people around, that at least one person would've seen something, but no one didn't apparently. Crime in nyc in general is out of control..... to tell you the truth, I wouldn't move here if I was an immigrant or from a different state. As a matter of fact, I am looking to move back to Maryland. I was born in here and lived here for 25 years, but now I am looking forward to moving away once again.

Anonymous said...

Anon #2.


75% of the crimes are not even reported.

Anonymous said...

i guess the argument that Central Park is some coddled preferred sibling to the bastard step child in queens doesnt hold water.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
I had my car mirrors stolen from around here 2 years ago"

go to the Iron Triangle in WIllets Point and you'll find your car mirrors

Queens Crapper said...

"i guess the argument that Central Park is some coddled preferred sibling to the bastard step child in queens doesnt hold water."

I guess the fact that one has a multimillion dollar conservancy and looks like polished diamond while the other doesn't and looks like crap got past you. As did the fact that central park has it's own police precinct and FMCP doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Been several rapes and many robberys in Glendale around and in Forest Park however the police only give out age approx weight & height.
Was some kind of recent order passed around the NYPD banning the cops from posting better descriptions when the wanted are other then white ?

Elizabeth Crowley got more cops but what good is it if they aren't given race, hair, eye and skin color ?
I'm sure all the criminals are very happy !

Anonymous said...

"Officers temporarily beefed up patrols in the park after the attack in March, following pressure from City Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley.

But within several weeks, cops said, the number of officers monitoring the area was reduced. However, in June a special two-person unit was created to patrol the park on a daily basis, from approximately 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m."

Most crime doesn't happen during the day in that park. And 2 cops won't do shit.

The mug shot of the suspect in Forest Park has been released.

Anonymous said...

Was some kind of recent order passed around the NYPD banning the cops from posting better descriptions when the wanted are other then white ?
-----------------------------------Um, yes.

Anonymous said...

What are you all complaining about? There have been HUNDREDS of cops patrolling Flushing Park for the past week and a half! It was amazing, they just suddenly came out of nowhere! I guess our elected officials really DO listen to us and DO care about the average Queens ctizen! I am absolutely sure that they are here to stay! LMFAO

Queens Crapper said...

The suspect in the Forest Park rapes is white.

Anonymous said...

ironic all the dedicated police precincts and multi million dollar conservancies and Central park is STILL #1 on the list for crime.

Anonymous said...

lots of anti Latino comments here. the park is safe during the day. I go all the time.
the illegal vendors offer a better option for park visitors. soft serve ice cream , hot dogs and shish ka bobs is all that is offered from the legal vendors. while the illegals offer sliced fruit, corn on the cob , Italian ices, and water.
The city only enforce during the stupid US OPEN. that's when queens residents cant find free parking.
Then there is roll call for NYPD where they commandeer the Ice Rink Parking lot and close it.
The Parks Department also sends Park Security Officers to scream and shout at any one who dares to step foot in the Fountains. no one bothers park visitors at the Fountain all year around, but during the US Open, they are sent out to harass people.
This park has even scaled down Cultural events by placing everyone in a fenced in lot across from the Hall Of Science, or a small area in front of the Queens Museum .
I'm sure most of the crime in the park happens after dark or under risky circumstances.