Monday, August 19, 2013

Udalls Cove needs more protection

From Bayside Patch:

A Douglaston civic organization is calling on the city to purchase five parcels of Udalls Cove to protect it from possibly being developed.

The Udalls Cove Preservation Committee sent a letter to Mayor Michael Bloomberg earlier this week, calling on him to allocate funding for the acquisition of five parcels of the cove.

Walter Mugdan, the group’s president said he recently discovered that the parcels’ owner intended to sell the land.

Mugdan said the last time such a threat arose in 2002. Two years later, the mayor agreed to allocate funding to acquire a section of Udalls Cove for preservation purposes and to prevent 18 homes from being constructed at the site.

Bloomberg actually bought land to prevent development somewhere? Why is Douglaston so different from the rest of the city?


Anonymous said...

If this was like the rest of Queens, someone in the next neighborhood would meet with the powers that be and suggest a smaller cheaper plan, then someone else would suggest spending the money for their community, and the local elected officials, outraged that someone in their district has an opinion (on development - a big no-no for any unscripted public involvement), would cut funding for the 'lightening rod' 'loose cannons' in the Udal Cove group.

Anonymous said...

Why does "The Manor" and its environs get such special attention and treatment?

Because Bloomberg's well off compadres like the Mattones, ,Judge Golia, etc. live there.

That's why the Douglaston "haves" get more and the Corona "have nots" get robbed.

Having municipal historic district status isn't enough for these wealthy snobs? They want more?

Move to Flushing where we get crapped on with each sunrise.

Unknown said...

Walter Mugdun. google him.

Anonymous said...

i'll do what i want with my property.
Don't tread on me.