Thursday, August 15, 2013

New Yorkers' commuting time sucks (but we already knew that)

From NY Magazine:

It will come as no surprise that people who work in New York spend longer commuting, on average, than anyone else in the country, according to a report by the Partnership for New York City. The 48-minute average one-way transit trip is the longest by thirteen minutes.


Anonymous said...

Yea, that is part of that developer backed Partnership for New York.

But I would not get your hopes up NY. You know when they are concerned for you there is a hidden agenda, and it is always development.

They may talk about 'New Yorker's' problems, but their attention is exclusively along the waterfront to add infrastructure support for those unsustainable buildings.

Meanwhile the rest of you suffering the the double fare zones can go lump it while your representatives ignore your plight to vote to support transit outside your district but inside some developer's plans.

But not to worry. The will show up at your event, pat some beaming old lady in the head, and make sure that they provide enough to keep the coffee pot full.

A you will be happy!

Anonymous said...

Where's my jetpack?

Anonymous said...

Hey, I couldve used a jetpack today, as there was some sort of problem near the 68th Street station on the #6 Train and though it said "next stop 68 street" we ended up stopping next at 86 street. So obviously I had to go on up to 96 street go across to the downtown platforn and take the local to 68 street where I originally wanted to go. Needless to say, my total comute from North Flushing took 1 hour 45 minutes if I remember correctly.

Anonymous said...

The commute from Flooshing to the Village takes much longer than it used to as the trains now stop for longer periods of time at each station to let the invading hordes on and off.

They used to be populated by civilized working people reading their books and newspapers(it was SO quiet!) - not selfish, dirty lowlifes eating their smelly food and going deaf (good!) due to their blasting iPods!

NYC is broken. How could anyone still think this is the greatest city on earth?

Everything is unpleasant and everyone seems to be getting more angry. I'm seeing more altercations everywhere.

This is nobody's happy place.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I used to take the train at 86th Street without too much of a problem but since they ripped out the area and put in big block buildings I have to wait for 2 or 3 trains just to get off the platform.

They need to curb development & not waste time on areas that don't have transportation to make it easy for yet more buildings to add people to a system that cannot handle existing traffic.

But your right, this group seems to be little more than a shill for the developers.

Bnc626 said...

It takes me 90-120 mins to get from 68th street on the east side back home to bayside by train. If I take the express bus (which I can't afford everyday) it only takes 45 mins!! The 6 train sucks when school is in session...the 7 train is a nightmare that I have to elbow a couple of old rude Asian ladies out of my way just to get a seat. The f train takes way too long to come and when it does come, it is way too crowded.The n, q, r train platforms at 59 street are way too overcrowded ! Then the buses in Jamaica, I always seem to just miss and have to wait another 10-15 mins for the next one to come! The 12 bus is ridiculous and makes way too many stops! The 13 bus skips roots often! I can't win!

Anonymous said...

All the lines feed in to the center, there is no way to go between places without going to the center.