Thursday, August 22, 2013

5 Pointz permit approved by City Planning Commission

From the Queens Courier:

5Pointz, the graffiti covered warehouses in Long Island City, are one step closer to becoming two high-rise apartment buildings.

On Wednesday the City Planning Commission voted unanimously to approve the land use application that would allow the Wolkoff family, owners of the property on Jackson Avenue and Davis Street, to build apartment towers to larger dimensions than allowed by current zoning rules.

One tower would reach 47 stories and the other 41 stories, with close to 1,000 rental apartments, 30,000 square feet of outdoor public space and 50,000 square feet of retail space between them.

“Once City Planning delivers the application to the New York City Council, which we anticipate to be sometime next week, I will call the matter up,” said Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer. “By calling it up we will trigger a 50 day window in which the City Council must vote on this application. Once this happens there will be two public City Council hearings at which the public will be invited to comment and testify. I will review the application at City Planning’s recommendation.”


Anonymous said...

Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

It is comforting to know that Jimmy is finally getting involved - to sing praises of the developer, to get some more real estate donations, and to build his resume as a deputy mayor under Quinn, and by moving on, finally giving this community a break.

It is also comforting to know that this project gave him the name 'Stonwall' for his treatment of the community.

Anonymous said...

Noisy train yard, noisy elevated, noisy Queens Plaza.

No supermarkets, dry cleaners, nothin for blocks in every direction?

Who will choose to live there with 1000s of empty units in the city?

Yes, two buildings more than forty stories will be filled with anything they can get.

Hope the hallways have working cameras. A perfect place for displaced tenants when Suna starts to take over and gentrify Queensbridge.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Of course we already know Van Bramer's position. Councilman Jimmy took campaign contributions from the Wolkoff family. You can easily look it up.

Then there's CB2's chair Joe Conley--who stood right next to the Wolkoff's--during their borough hall presentation.

Does this smell fishy? Yes--like a Herring in the sun!

Anonymous said...

What is Joe Conley getting out of all from the Wolkoff family to run for office?

Joe once ran against Eric Gioia for a council seat.
Maybe after "stonewall" Van Bramer packs it in...Conley will decide to run again in a few years.

By the way...isn't Conley, himself, a developer?

Anonymous said...

Lots of noise and little else. Let's hope the new residents don't ever eat, have kids, need a haircut, need a place to worship, etc.

It's called "housing" without a something called a "neighborhood".

Anonymous said...

can't wait until this horrible eyesore is history. they ruined it with all the graffiti.

Anonymous said...

Retail will go on the ground floor, ya dopes.

Anonymous said...

Make em 80 stories tall. Who cares? This ain't Douglaston.

Anonymous said...

Pete "junior" Vallone's anti-graffiti trolls are very busy posting...trying to score points for their boss' election.

Imagine it folks, Borough President Vallone. BURRO President Vallone, I mean.

This CHOOCH (Italian slang for Donkey) is Don Pietro's dumbest son.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to you underpowered mini fart...amidst the windstorm of far more intelligent opinions.

We doubt if you could recognize the difference between a graffiti covered building and a world renown art mecca--even if it were to be inserted in your rectum, with the aid of a dab of KY jelly.

An uneducated red neck dumb ass, like yourself, will always remain an uneducated red neck dumb ass!

Open up another brewskie...proudly stroke your beer belly...and continue to pontificate.
Nobody pays much attention to your soapbox ramblings.

Then go stifle yourself, Mr. Archie Bunker.

a retired engineer said...

It'll never reach 80 stories. It'll never reach 40!
It'll be difficult to do 20. stories.

The soil compression tests (Soil borings) will prove that this swampy land won't support much beyond a 15 story building.

The there are those "monitoring wells" that have been drilled around 5 Pointz to track the pollution beneath the land.

It was once the Neptune Water Meter factory.
Juicy chemicals, PCBs, etc. are in the aquifer beneath it.

VERY expensive remediation is required!

There goes a quick flip of the property by the slumlord Wolkoff family.

They're stuck with a turkey of a development site.

A prediction:
Nothing happens there for about 2 years, even if the city council approves the zoning variance.

Sunnysider said...

Councilman Van Bramer should be investigated by the city council's ethics committee for having taken Wolkoff money.

DOI should get wind of this, PDQ!

Then that smarmy Joe Conley needs to be removed as chair of CB2. He's a shady double dealer!

Otherwise, the fix is in!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone caught the news piece done on channel 11 at 10:00 PM last night regarding 5 Pointz by Greg Mocker?

Anonymous said...

Quick questions:

Which posts are from Vallone trolls, and how can you tell?

What do you call the condition that causes someone to turn a development discussion into an anal rape fantasy?

I'd appreciate any enlightenment readers could give on either subject.

Scott68 said...

Most tenants were served with papers to appear yesterday and today. The judge did not hear the cases of many tenants due to their lack of having counsel.

They are still negotiating with tenants, don't forget folks, it's not just the graffiti building, it's the whole block.

Remember, this is not a project consisting of a few multiple family homes, this is a very large development and unfortunately, the city won't squash it when a few artists and tenants can be relocated.

The project will go through whether they develop it themselves or they flip it onto another developer.

This project is worth a few hundred million dollars.

Anonymous said...

>>can't wait until this horrible eyesore is history. they ruined it with all the graffiti.

Can't wait until another eyesore of perpetually-vacant apartment buildings to take its place!

Anonymous said...

Actually this is not Vallone but Stonewall Van Bramer.

BTW, Stonewall or his good buddy George the Upzone of DKCA did not have the balls to talk to the press when the Queens Plaza millstones got their monthly police report filed for the latest vandalism.

Had a lowly Parkie talk to the press.

Correction. No balls or backbone.

Scott68 said...

The party is over. There is no recourse other than some last minute negotiations with existing tenants all of which are sitting on month to month leases.

Personally, I'm against it, as 5 points breaks up the over development of the area, an area that is virtually a ghost town without any resources for the folks that choose to pay over the top prices that these apartments are going for.

But, if you owned that goldmine with the possibility of creating a bigger goldmine, most of you would.