Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hit piece sent out by Vallone supporters

The FBI didn't exactly arrest these two for betraying Queens, but whatever.
While not untrue, these 2 candidates were never implicated in any wrongdoing. This hit piece had to have come from either John Duane, Paul Graziano or Paul Vallone. Of course, it doesn't identify on which candidate's behalf it was sent.

Jobs for New York is the Real Estate Board of New York's PAC. Jobs4NY endorsed Paul Vallone.
When you have skeletons in your closet, such as being poker buddies with one of the accused, you might want to think twice about giving your blessing to literature such as this.

By the way, Paul Vallone gave one excuse to the organizers of Monday night's Bayside Historical Society event: "A client of mine passed away, and I am helping with funeral arrangements." And another excuse to the Queens Courier: "He was comforting the family of his 'good friend and mentor' Judge Joseph Risi, who had just passed away, a campaign spokesperson said."

The judge actually passed away on Saturday and his son is an attorney and likely does not require the legal services of Mr. Vallone.



Anonymous said...

Anybody but Stinky.

Anonymous said...

Another pound of Valloney-baloney!
Paul Vallone...a coward and ambulance chaser!

Why does Paul Vallone need to practice "family law" when he's got big fish developer clients to lobby for?

Elder planning...and copying Blumberg's last will and testament forms...then putting the Vallone stamp on it, after jacking up the price surely isn't needed.

Wait a minute....he was "comforting" a judge's family?

Aye, there's what the shady mouthpiece is up to...kissing up for a judgeship.

Anonymous said...

There ya go...Vallone and Halloran...2 of the biggest liars in the borough.

From "Fiorello" (a Broadway classic),
"Politics and poker"!

Anonymous said...

Of course Vallone has to attack the other candidates, he has nothing else to put on his flyers because he has done nothing for us.

Anonymous said...

Only a desperate who is REALLY unsure of himself...puts out this kind of stuff.

Vallone desires a judgeship more than he wants a council seat. That's why he went to kiss the rings of Judge Di Risi's family.

Then, why is PV running for city council? For one get double play out of the Vallone that brother Pete stands a better chance to snare the borough president spot.

BTW aren't hit pieces SOP for political mobsters?

Anonymous said...

So the standard now for elected public service is arrested, but not guilty? I guess it's too much to ask that someone run who has never been arrested for any reason whatsoever, right?

Anonymous said...

The gloves are off! and Vallone has put on the brass knuckles...

Anonymous said...

This "guilt by association" is such a cheap shot.

Isn't this what Adam is trying to do to Graziano, when he alluded to the fact that he was somehow connected to the Graziano crime family?

And to be fair, though I don't wanna see John Liu become mayor, some of those ambiguous rumors surround distant familial ties are also low class.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before, and say it again: "Jobs" is the lubricant used right before communities get the shaft. Crude, but there you have it.

Anonymous said...

The PAC has hired the powerful P.R. firm the Parkside Group to run its campaign. Parkside describes itself as providing “campaign management…strategic communications and public affairs…for major real estate firms.” Parkside’s president has said, in describing the real-estate industry’s new PAC, “We are…supporting candidates who we think are most likely to support the issues that are important to us.”

Anonymous said...

This is my Uncle Stinky.

Anonymous said...

Austin, how come you didn't know that when you defended Malcolm Smith in 2010 that he would try to bribe his way on to the Republican ticket in 2013? Can't you foresee the future? And since I voted for Halloran four years ago, I must be guilty, too.

Anonymous said...

You call this a hit piece crappy, but in fact it's all true. Is there a reason why the truth should be curbed just because you despise the Vallones.

Anonymous said...

True. Adam Lombardi was fired from the city council for questionable internet activities and from a Rockland county newspaper for being a dick, but that shouldn't be used against him when reading his blog.

Anonymous said...

Is there a reason why the truth should be curbed just because you despise the Vallones.

1. Because it is promoting guilt by association. By this logic, anyone who has every said something in defense of Sheldon Silver is guilty of aiding and abetting Vito Lopez's groping and harassment.

2. Because the mailer doesn't identify that it has been paid for by a group of developers and that they have an ulterior motive in supporting Vallone.

Anonymous said...

Hey, here's a great quote from Vallone supporter Adam Lombardi:

"Halloran has an impeccable record with his constituents," said Adam C. Lombardi, publisher and editor-in-chief of news site

Gee, I hope that Jobs for New York will now sever any ties with Paul Vallone, since Vallone's right-hand man is a defender of Dan Halloran.

Anonymous said...

Chrissy was one of the straightest shooter at Hallorans office.

Anonymous said...

everybody talks about guilt by association yet crappy runs a picture of Paul Vallone with Halloran. How do you know their poker buddies. Vallone hs taken pictues with hundreds of people, big deal. On the other hand, don't you think that Chrissy, Hallorans chief of staff may have privy to what was going on with Smith. Sounds reasonable. Right?

Queens Crapper said...

I know they're poker buddies because he told me they were 2 years ago. Strange closeness between those two.

Anonymous said...

their motto is do not get caught taking the corruption $$$$$$$.

one wonders if they ALL take it ?

is the F.B.I. guilty of hiring a convicted embezzler ,MOSES STERN , TO GIVE $$$$ TO THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS ?


Anonymous said...

So let's see - the Dan Halloran/Malcolm Smith bribery scandal includes 3 of the 5 Democrats in the race:

Chrissy Voskerichian - worked for Halloran as Chief of Staff for 3 years

Austin Shafran - worked for Smith as Press Secretary for 2 years

Paul Vallone - played poker with Halloran weekly and Halloran thought of him as "a kindred spirit" according to a newspaper article from 2009, when Paul Vallone was being considered for the Republican line.

That leaves the other two:

John Duane - former Assemblyman (1982-1984) who faked an endorsement from former Senator Padavan 30 years ago, enraging the voters and costing him his seat.

Paul Graziano - never held office, saved northeast Queens from being totally destroyed by downzoning the whole place and got buildings and neighborhoods landmarked, mostly for no $$$$.

Based on this bunch, I think GRAZIANO has my vote. No scandal, and he's actually done something to help us. A lot.

Anonymous said...

Stinky Vallone strikes again. Even Papa Vallone wants nothing to do with this mess.

Anonymous said...

Graziano, if he's elected, will be just like all the rest. He will be working for the Party. Big Virginia Joe Crowley will be whispering in his ear "Fame is fleeting" everyday just to remind him how it works.

Anonymous said...

Gangster Paulo's dwarf troll is at it again

A vote for Vallone is extending the kingdom of Vallonia to northeast Queens.

La Famiglia di Vallone is after your turf!

Flushing Spy Eyes said...

Wait - Vallone did a hit piece which included a photo of his "friend" Halloran being arrested???

Nice friend

Anonymous said...

GRAZIANO says it like it is, like it or not. He has always stood up and said the truth. He's the only hope this community has. Contact him for yourself, go talk to him.

Anonymous said...

John Duane - former Assemblyman (1982-1984) who faked an endorsement from former Senator Padavan 30 years ago, enraging the voters and costing him his seat.

I don't recall Frank Padavan endorsing any Democrats, so why would Duane fake an endorsement from him? I recall Padavan trying to hold up the Vietnam Veterans Tuition Assistance bill in the Senate that Duane sponsored and which passed the Assembly, so that Duane would not get credit for it. I recall many conservatives in the neighborhood being upset because of Duane's support for the Assembly's first gay rights bill. With Padavan's strong support, Doug Prescott defeated Duane after one term. You may not like Duane and his left-of-center politics, but he's never been shady as far as I saw. (And I'm still leaning toward Graziano.)