Wednesday, August 28, 2013

District 19 residents revolt against Vallone tactics, but he won't stop

At noon yesterday, 4 out of the 5 Democratic candidates for City Council gathered near the Bayside LIRR station with State Senator Tony Avella to call Paul Vallone and Jobs for New York on the carpet for the attack mailers against his opponents. This "anybody but Vallone" moment was brought to you by Bayside Patch.

UPDATE: Here's video:

At least one candidate has struck back with his own mailer explaining who Vallone is loyal to. Shafran's piece is the first, but likely not the last.

This was the scene outside the Bay Terrace Commmunity Alliance's Candidates' Night last night:

Yet Vallone and Jobs for New York (REBNY and Parkside) won't stop the repetitive hit pieces.
I like the new spelling of "embarrassment", myself.

Since when are there only 4 options? Why is he omitting John Duane, the only current candidate to have actually served in office previously?

Now, check out what a candidate in the 35th Council District in Brooklyn said about Jobs For New York endorsing her:
...the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts founder wants voters to know she did not ask for the PAC's support, nor does she want it.

Cumbo said she has asked Jobs for New York to "immediately discontinue spending any independent funds in support of [her] campaign."

"Now, some of my supporters are beginning to question my integrity and are asking themselves if I am a development candidate, easily bought and sold. I am not."

"This is horrible," Cumbo added. "Their so-called support of my campaign has done more harm than good in the community."
If Paul Vallone was smart, he would be taking the same position. But instead he claims he has no control over what Jobs For New York is doing, and won't denounce their tactics. I guess their money is just too good for him to pass up, especially since he blew most of his coin on lame expenses before petitioning was over and now has less cash on hand to spend within the limit than any other candidate.

This is the same guy who puts his banners on the construction fences of teardowns and then poses in front of them. No wonder REBNY loves him.

Looks like Coach Paul really "screwed the pooch" on this one. (Poor doggie.)


Anonymous said...

Protest and picketing of a debate!?!?! Unheard of! Vallone has drawn a line in the sand by running these disgusting ads in our community. Citizens of the 19th council district are repulsed by low-life Vallone and his smear campaign tactics. Break out the tar and feathers... all ye associated with Paul Vallone will be wearing them soon enough. We will not forget your name and implicit association with this scum. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

It was so strange to see 4 of the candidates come together instead of dividing and conquering, Paul Vallone has created a bond and a deeper respect between Duane,Graziano,Shaffran and Chrissy. At least these 4 stood in front of the public and said the truth, in a united fashion. Vallone's dirty politics are backfiring. What's next? egging houses that don't have Vallone signs. Wouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Vallone supporters stand up and redeem yourselves, take down the Vallone signs and stop embarassing this community. We have had enough scandal and shame. You are continuing it by supporting Vallone. Just because a kid asked for his lawn sign doesn't mean you have to compromise yourself. Kids ask for stuff all the time its up the the adults to teach VALUES and TRUTH. If he had values he would have condemned those horrible mailings. He wouldn't, he can't, he approved them!!!!!!!! OPEN YOUR EYES THIS IS YOUR COMMUNITY TOO!!!

Anonymous said...

It isn't Vallone that won't's Parkside's adolescent wannabee political "strategist... Evan Stavisky who refuses to stop.

Evan is the hired "expert", and Vallone lets him run free off of his leash."Go and get 'em, boy!

These are typical "Darkside" tactics and now it's finally come out. It's ALWAYS the same with Evan-Parkside. Hammer, hammer, hammer...even though they bend the nail they wish to drive home in the process. Or, in their arrogant, overzealous fashion, they MISS hitting the nail entirely.

You see...Evan is an obese self centered dork who likes to throw his (political?) weight around. He's been spoiled by his dynastic parents from the get go.

He feels entitled to do whatever he pleases, even if it's against the advice of his parents or his superiors.

Or else it's, WAH, WAH, WAH...hissy fit revenge time!

I was once in the dining room of former state Assemblyman Morton Hillman...along WITH TOBY AND EVAN STAVISKY...checking out petitions, to disqualify political opponents from getting on the ballot.

Evan was much younger then. Though he's aged chronologically...he hasn't mentally. He's the SAME OLD BRAT...with some "improvements"!

Back then Toby had to quiet her irritating, disruptive son, with a brisk and loud, "Shut up Evan"!

Now you Parkside folks can try to figure out WHO I AM.

As I recall it, there were about 7 of us at Assemblyman Hillman's Le Harve apartment.

Good luck.

Now I ask you, WHAT HAS CHANGED?
Brat boy is still brat boy...nasty, vindictive, and full of grade school tricks.

why is Evan still a Queens district leader when he lives way up in Rockland County?

Anonymous said...

Desperate strokes by desperate folks!

A loser ALWAYS tries to anger his opponent...
hopefully trying to distract him from giving the distractor a sound whipping.

I suppose that Jobs For New York has sufficient money to keep these hit pieces rolling for Don Vallone.

Whoever wins or loses the primary, Evan-Parkside has made a bundle of loot!

Anonymous said...

I once heard Moby Stavisky say that Evan was going to make a lot of money now, at the time that he first joined the Parkside Group.

Where else can that irritating SOB find employment?

With his "charming" social graces, he'll never make a career out of running for office like his parents have.

So he hides behind the curtain manipulating the marionettes. Too bad that his heavy handed string pulling tangles up the act.

Otherwise he might become a good puppeteer like Sid Davidoff.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Why settle for VALLONEY-BALONEY when you can have prime Angus roast beef--VOTE GRAZIANO!

Tsk, tsk, tsk--and the price you have to pay for that baloney per pound is too damn high.

Anonymous said...

Now more than ever...VOTE GRAZIANO!!

Anonymous said...

A revolt?

Sorry, but I don't see a revolutionary strike force gathered here...just the usual "White" civic association regulars.

the signs they're carrying are good ammunition to get Vallone with.

Anonymous said...

Hitch your cart to Vallone...
and instead of reaching your get pulled by a trained clubhouse plug to follow their lead.

Paul Vallone is a draft horse.
Paul Graziano is the steed to go with!

Anonymous said...

hahaha. Some people in Queens are actually skirting on the edge of the outrageous!

But all this is pointless if Big Brother gets in.

BFHA member said...

I'll bet that Vallone makes himself scarce from our Broadway Flushing Homeowners Association meetings.

He only shows his dome here before an election.

He couldn't get what he wantedso he's pissed at us.

"That DAMN BFHA". Those were his recorded words.

Sorry Don Paulo, we ain't for hire!
We've been here before you. We'll be here after you.

Political thuggery has no place here.

Anonymous said...

I truly believe at this point ANYBODY BUT VALLONE

Anonymous said...

Maybe all of these candidates can run together as a coalition team for the city council seat.

Do you see what Evan and Vallone accomplished?
They've united their opposition. I love it!

I'd say that Parkside is losing its grip thanks to brat boy
Evan should consider resigning for the sake of the firm.

Anonymous said...

After Vallone wins the primary, all of his Democrat opponents will line up and support him for the November elections against the Republican candidate. Even Graziano. Just wait and see. To paraphrase the younger Corleone, "it's not personal...just politics as usual."

Anonymous said...

Big brother? LOL!

That Ass-torian malcontent is posting again.
I can smell his scat trail from here.

Stick to your western turf, bub.
Stop trying to recruit us north easterners to do your heavy lifting for you.

You're just jealous and lazy.

In the final analysis, our low density zoning protects our quality of life. Your zoning is shot to pieces.

Anonymous said...

After Vallone wins the primary, all of his Democrat opponents will line up and support him for the November elections against the Republican candidate.

It's obvious that won't happen because Vallone won't win the primary. You don't act like a desperate thug if you are the frontrunner.

Anonymous said...

Paul Vallone ain't no Paulie "walnuts".

Although this "finnochio" looks like he could sing soprano.

Don-ette Vallone doesn't have the stones to face anyone face to face. He hires political hit teams to whack his opponents. And they're lousy shots. Their underpowered Italian .32s keep on jamming, causing backfires.

At least Don Pietro "senior", the leader of the pack, rolled up his sleeves to do his own dirty work.

I can respect the father, but never the sons.

By stark contrast, Michael Corleone out did his dad Vito Corleone.

Bravo! He had balls even bigger than his father.

A post script:
I do give Paul Vallone credit for having the balls to go bald, unlike the rest of the male Vallones who are combing over or wearing rugs.

Anonymous said...

Front runners have something substantial to sell the voters. Vallone is a tail gunner.

Do you know what that phrase really means?

Someone who's strictly a "back door" Bernie.

A sexual innuendo? Perhaps!

But, here he's pictured, looking very much like he's screwing that po little pooch.

Anonymous said...

What people don't know is that that poor dog is being held hostage by Paulie V. because of its support of Graziano in the primary.

Does NYClass - who supported Vallone - know about this photo?!?

I don't think they'd take to kindly...maybe they'd even support noted "animal-hater" Austin Shafran if they were to see the Vallone abuse this poor doggie is going through right now!

Anonymous said...

The reason that Evan Stavisky is still a Queens district leader is because nobody has bothered to run against him.

What Queens needs is a Lincoln Restler- someone young and willing to run for the unpaid district leader spot.

Anonymous said...

After Vallone wins the primary...
Are you crazy? Vallone is going down fast like the wicked witch when Dorothy threw the water on her. I have yet to hear 1 Vallone supporter tell me about any good he has done in the hood or show support of his smut campaign. He has no support just fakers (mostly republicans) who couldn't say no to his face and put up his lawn sign because "they know him". Big woop dee do. I know who his contributors are and if he gets in we can say bye-bye to our strict zoning laws and our green spaces and hello to Vallonia-Astoria-Ballonia.

Anonymous said...

Since Vallone won't repudiate the hate mail emanating (on his behalf) from "Jobs for New York," would it be possible to put some pressure on those who endorsed Vallone (e.g., Braunstein, Meng, Ron Kim) to speak out against "Jobs for New York"'s tactics?

Anonymous said...

Now more than ever...VOTE GRAZIANO!!

How about we put up our own lawn signs, borrowing some of Paulie's language - maybe Jerry can design something:

Now more than ever ...
Anyone but Vallone!

Anonymous said...

If Vallone somehow miraculously wins the primary after he has been exposed for the sham/hypocrite/money-grubbing lobbyist he is, all of the Democratic candidates whose names he has scandalously sullied should throw their support to Dennis Saffran, on the Reform Party line, as he will not be bought by developers; cares deeply about our neighborhood and schools, having sent his two kids to NYC public schools in Dist. 19; and has been active as an advocate on anti-crime/quality of life issues. Graziano will not be supporting Vallone--that it for certain; I certainly hope the others will not after Vallone has slandered them! Vallone is a bully, who has had everything handed to him on a silver platter and he expects to bull-doze his way into becoming our next Councilman, which by the way he only intends to do on a part-time basis, unlike any other candidate in this race--he will continue to represent these deep-pocketed developers; line Parkside's pockets; lobby for his real estate mogul friends, and leave his constituents in the dust. If he gets elected we are in for a very frighteming 4 years!

Anonymous said...

"If he gets elected we are in for a very frighteming 4 years!"

More like 12, because incumbents don't lose elections in Queens, unless they're Republicans.

Anonymous said...

No--going forward Councilmen can only serve two terms---but if Vallone were to somehow win after he has disgraced his party, it will go to his head and he will likely seek higher office after that. Broadcast loudly to your friends and neighbors to STOP VALLONE!!!!

Joe Moretti said...

Plain and simple, do not vote for any backed candidate by the PAC "Jobs for New York".

Anonymous said...

Austin Shafran hit back against Vallone a second time with a mailing I received today. It contains a collage of headlines and clippings about the various Halloran scandals, and prominently in the center of the collage is a cropped version (from chest up) of that famous photo of Paulie V. and Halloran looking like BFFs. And just to make sure, there's a caption which says, "Paul Vallone and Dan Halloran." Outstanding!

Anonymous said...

Austin Shaffran hits back....
A photo says it all. Vallone was always buddy buddy with Halloran that's because birds of a feather flock together. If it smells, walks, and talks like balloney... it's Valloney Balloney. Now more than ever...Don't Vote Vallone!!!!

Joe said...

Is that John Duane on the left ?
I was talking and telling him about this dirty Vallonatic shit posted HERE Saturday night at my birthday party.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's John Duane on the left side of the photo, standing to Tony Avella's right. All of them spoke out forcefully against the so-called "Jobs for New York" PAC and Paul Vallone's refusal to repudiate them.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Dennis Saffran!

Anonymous said...

Paul Vallone looks silly with the pet!

Anonymous said...

Vote for Dennis Saffran!

IF Vallone wins the Democratic primary, then many thoughtful Dems will vote for the Republican, Dennis Saffran, in the general election - just as many of them voted for Halloran four years ago over Kevin Kim. But Vallone hasn't won yet, and he appears to be both scared and paranoid. I wish that one or two Democrats would bow out and thereby ensure the election of an anti-Vallone.

Queens Crapper said...

Here's Paul Vallone lying about his involvement with Jobs For New York and stating that if elected to the City Council, he would support legislation to limit outside spending by PACs.


Anonymous said...

I like the part where he says he is proud to have the support of county and especially Toby Stavisky. He must be mentally deficient.

Anonymous said...

The Vallones hate the Staviskys with a passion. Holy crap, what a liar.

Anonymous said...

Here's Paul Vallone lying about his involvement with Jobs For New York and stating that if elected to the City Council, he would support legislation to limit outside spending by PACs.

What a lying weasel! It's amazing how the lady in Brooklyn could tell Jobs for New York to stop attacking her opponents, but Vallone plays dumb. (OK, I realize he is dumb, but that's beside the point...)

Ned said...

""refusal to repudiate""
Translation to "Queens vocabulary" please?
How about **renounce** or "stop bullshitting" ?
This is a perfect example how assholes win-over votes:
How do you mostly over educated politico former lawyers expect to gain any ground when over 1/2 the tweed-ed electoral populate (the people you need) dont understand what the heck your talking about ?

98% of Queens voters aint lawyers or college professors and they aint gonna be "learned" overnight.
Most Queens voters are blue collar or both stupid and uneducated likely to view pols speaking college words wearing fancy suits as "over educated wall street crooks & lawyers"

This puts votes in Vallone's pockets because to stupid Queens voters IMAGE is the compelling factor over some "lawyer talk" vocabulary and lecture they are not capable of understanding.


Queens Crapper said...

I'm not an "over educated politico former lawyer" and I understand what repudiate means. I suspect most 19th District voters do as well. Blue collar does not mean stupid.

Ned said...

Your educated as well as journalist Crappy, like many on this blog or residents in those photos.
A huge chunk Queens 19th District voters in 2013 ARE in fact stupid or OK lets be nice and say "perpetually misinformed" "simple minded" As in the usual suspects: renters, sec 8s, immigrants, single moms of five. A good example: All those sanitation workers with huge family's that live in district 19 voting and supporting that crook John Lui because he appears at kids ball games promising more cheap housing and $$ perks.

Its voters like the above, incapable of seeing through bullshit who have been perpetually swinging the vote electing and re-electing crooks and bad people.
You have to "s'plain' them simple and with pictures like children. That's why the Vallone "PR machine" has him posing with dog's & children in civilization clothes. For some people like the elderly "flames and doom" are every effective.

Anonymous said...

Well said Ned.

And what will you do if brother gets in. Remember the beep role on development and CB appointments?

georgetheatheist said...

A hint of bestiality?

Is he actually humping the dog in that photo?

Anonymous said...

Vote for Vallone or the dog gets it!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Avella has much hallowed political ground to stand on after pulling the rug out from under his constituents in the boro prez. race. He's just looking any divisive topic to hang his hat on and draw attention away from his own deficiencies.

Fido said...

Woof, woof, Paulie. Faster, harder, deeper. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Chrissy is lookin' damn f-i-n-e.

Anonymous said...

Don't vote for stinky.

georgetheatheist said...

Hey Graziano. They put your photo in their flyer showing your head on fire. How about using this photo showing the pervert Vallone screwing a defenseless animal!? Tit for tat. You're owed one.

Anonymous said...

Fuck 'em all! Vote Republican!
At least Halloran only fucked a couple of his consenting staffers one at a time. The Dems have gang raped a whole damn borough.

How do you vanquish democracy in Queens?
By voting Democrat!

Welcome to the one party Democratic Dictatorship of "Virginia" Joe Crowley.

These Dems are in it together, regardless of the song and dance numbers they're performing for a gullible audience.

They've already cut their deals with the clubhouse.

The spirit of Boss Tweed thrives in Queens.

Anonymous said...

The only one I know
who hasn't cut a clubhouse deal, is Paul Graziano.

He's the only smart choice for city council.
His party affiliation, "R" or "D" doesn't matter.

His record stands as an independent fighter...and has fought protect the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

That is what you want your representative to do!

Anonymous said...

On September 10th you will all vote for GRAZIANO!!!!