Thursday, August 15, 2013

Civic Virtue's spot still noisy

From the Daily News:

The controversial statue, “Triumph of Civic Virtue,” is long gone from its perch on Queens Blvd. — but its noisy legacy remains.

Every eight minutes, the loud wail of bird screeches blares from an electronic device mounted at the statue’s former site — a poop-reduction system that has long outlived the structure it was designed to save.

“It's terrible this noise,” said Debra Mays, 50. “I walk here everyday after work and I am telling you, this is annoying.”

The News contacted the city to ask why the box is still operating nearly nine months after the statue was moved to Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery — prompting the Department of Citywide Administrative Services to say it would remove the device in the coming weeks.

Until then, the box will continue to emit two sounds — one inaudible to the human ear and another which is a random mix of birds of prey.


Anonymous said...

Those sounds are actually coming from inside Helen Marshall's head.

Snake Plissskin said...

This captures in one glance the borough of Queens.

Brain dead,, senseless, on autopilot, everyone going through their routines forgetting why they were there in the first place while the world outside the Hermit Kingdom moves forward.

Anonymous said...

So many were supposedly offended by "Civic Virtue" saying it was sexist even though it was stepping on the sirens of vice and corruption. Schulman tried to banish it and Marshall succeeded.

How much you wanna bet that both of these octogenarian twits won't criticize Anthony Weiner or Eliot Spitzer the current kings of vice who are running for city-wide office?

Anonymous said...

What does Spitzer and Weiner's private episodes with woman have to do with their ability to perform in office ?
The alternative is really not an option.
PS: Spitzer has better taste, his girl was gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Spitizer pays for his sex. Money can get him good looking women. Weiner does not physically touch any one but himself. Weiner isn't paying.

Anonymous said...

Fill it with water. Barry Grodenchick needs a bath!

Anonymous said...

No wonder Helen Marshall keeps on complaining about those voices in her head.

Dumb da dumb dumb!