Sunday, August 18, 2013

Glassy, not classy

From CBS New York:

Imagine looking out of your window one morning and seeing your neighbors taking a shower.

That’s exactly what could happen in Brooklyn after one couple built their bath in a way that leaves little to the imagination.

Call it a shower with a view, CBS 2’s Steve Langford reported Friday.

Beyond the exposed brick walls of the beautiful Cobble Hill homes, one newly renovated townhouse features a very exposed glass shower.

The view from the back of the townhouse shows a huge glass enclosed shower area overlooking the backyard, the apparent absence of curtains of great interest to neighbors who have a full frontal view of this home improvement. Langford tried to reach the owners by phone on Friday, but one quickly hung up.


Anonymous said...

Arrogant,Exhibitionist A-holes!
Put in one way glass. Neighbors should haul them into court.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is one way glass and they don't have to see the neighbors while they shower.

Joe said...

One way doesn't work at night if lights are on behind it.
That's why rooms are blacked out when police victims do suspect identification.
People were having sex pubic in windows July 4th in Manhattans new towers down on the west side (many different towers).
Recently a NYC couple fell through a window 30 floors to death in China were many of these new "glass boxes" are designed on computers

Link :

Anonymous said...

This blog is called QueensCrap for a reason. If I wanted to hear about the woes of poor hipsters in Brooklyn, I'd hang out in...errr...Wrong Island City?