Friday, April 5, 2013

Marshall argues with people testifying against USTA plan

Dear Queens Crapper,

Thought you might like some video from Helen Marshall's public hearing today, in which the USTA expansion issue took center stage.

I apologize for the quality; it was shot on an iPhone in a crowded room while I was holding other items.

This first is, of course, Ben Haber, delivering his righteous wrath to the BP directly. He began by saying that he had come up without any intention of swaying Helen Marshall's opinion, as he felt she had already decided to support the expansion long ago, and that to try to change her mind would be futile. At that point, she interjected, which was when I managed to get the video recording.

The second clip is the last minute of Geoffrey Croft's speech, where Helen Marshall again butts in. Interestingly, after he says "This is about protecting parkland, and there are two other projects coming right down the pipeline," Marshall says, quite clearly, "I hope not." Even Croft seems surprised for a second. "Well we hope you vote against those two projects," Croft said.

When I concluded my own 3 minutes in opposition to the USTA expansion, I wished the Borough President the wisdom and conscience to use the weight of her office for the public good, not merely that of the special interests. She smugly responded, as if to correct me, "you mean 'continue' to use my wisdom and conscience?" To which I responded that I said she should demonstrate it on this particular issue. Perhaps thinking I didn't understand her not-so-subtle effort to turn a conditional compliment into unwarranted praise, she again tried to offer her correction. I responded with deference that I was not currently afforded the time to discuss other matters.

If Ms. Marshall really cares about her legacy, she should take a clear stand against the overdevelopment of Queens in her final few months in office, not make cute remarks or bicker with people during their right to address the public.

-Jon Torodash


Anonymous said...

I was at this hearing, and Marshall telling Torodash "you mean 'continue' to use my wisdom and conscience?" was shockingly arrogant on Marshall's part (not to mention, inaccurate). Torodash's response was very polite but firm in his position -- he had meant precisely what he had said.

Based on Marshall's remarks, she will be ignoring the pleas of all of the ordinary Queens residents who testified concerning the parkland at issue, as well as ignoring the fact that three community boards voted to reject USTA's expansion application -- and on Monday, Marshall will approve ceding additional public parkland to USTA for its use. Marshall's disregard for the sanctity of public parkland, and contempt for the people whose interests she is supposed to serve, will be proven.

Jerry Rotondi said...

It looks like Helen woke up from her nap.
Make sure that ding bat Marshall isn't replaced by Vallone junior!

The Vallones never sleep!

Vote for Avella--
not the developers' golden boy--Pete Jr. their lobbyist!

Anonymous said...

She's compos menti?
Doctor Feel Good must have injected her with some speed.
The little spit fire is alert enough to argue.

Anonymous said...

Kick her crooked ass Ben! Bravo Mr. Haber!

The Flushing Phantom said...

The USTA officials will let Helen deliver the first serve at the US Open, since she's been serving them so well.

Anonymous said...

The Flushing Phantom said...
The USTA officials will let Helen deliver the first serve at the US Open, since she's been serving them so well.

Better to be served by Helen than serviced by her. Ugh, I have to take a shower just thinking about it...

Jerry Rotondi said...

It is very clear that the "Manes Doctrine"--which promotes the selling off FMCP and its environs to massive development--is still being implemented, most vigorously, at borough hall.

This master criminal's plot was never meant to be discarded in a waste bin.

In fact, the "Doctrine" is regarded as sacred as Biblical text, by real the estate industry.

I'm sure that a deluxe leather bound copy of Donald's manifesto is handed over to each new borough president for close scrutiny.

Thank you "Queens Crap", for unmasking these political operatives, and publicly exposing them for the pond scum that they really are.

Anonymous said...

Helen Marshall is a full-fledged tweeding whore. Here she is on her way out, a crowning achievement of selling out to moneyed interest in her do-nothing BP reign. You will go down just a little better off than Manes. Don't forget Toots, it's we the people who make the history and having failed to do right by us, your reputation will pay.

Anonymous said...

Based on Marshall's remarks, she will be ignoring the pleas of all of the ordinary Queens residents who testified concerning the parkland at issue..

....well, that is what all the Queens politicians do so where is the surprise - they will give a few dollops of ice cream so your neighbor will cut your throat for the opportunity to stand in front of a mike on the x on the floor and sing praises to our elected elite - who will condescendingly smile in their direction.

Joe Moretti said...

Alright Jon. Enough with these lousy, good for nothing Queens politicians who do little and when they do something, they just screw things up. Some of the most lousy politicians are in Queens and Jamaica houses a shitload of them.

Time for a change.

Jon Torodash said...

Slight correction: Helen Marshall's response to Croft is "Hope not."

In any event, Why was Ms. Marshall so taciturn during the USTA's own lengthy presentation, and the public statements of the USTA supporters?

Joe - Let's keep working on it!

Anonymous said...

Duh, doy, duh....

Gen said...

I have been researching the proposed development of both Flushing Meadows Corona Park and Willets Point for a paper. In my research, I found this video, with Borough President Helen Marshall endorsing the development of Willets Point:

This is in direction contradiction with her "hope not" statement in regards to nearby development. I am surprised she would make such a statement when evidence to the contrary was so easily found online.