Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bill gets an unfriendly welcome in Albany

From CBS 2:

Mayor Bill de Blasio traveled to Albany Monday, where lawmakers turned his annual budget hearing into a fiery showdown.

As CBS2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer reported, the mayor defended himself against questions surrounding his performance.

De Blasio was on a charm offensive on steroid as he shook hands and exchanged hugs and kisses at the start of his annual attempt to get funding from Albany. But it did not take long before he found himself on the ropes – with two grand jury investigations front and center.

“What should be of grave concern to every single person in this room is the two sitting grand juries; is the $11 million you’re asking the taxpayers to pay for representation for you and your administration’s legal fees,” said state Sen. Terrence Murphy (R-Shrub Oak).

Murphy was questioning why de Blasio deserves a three-year extension of mayoral control of the schools.


Anonymous said...

Let De Blasio pay for his own defense
You ask for a budget increase to pay for your lawyers? That's what it amounts to in the end.
Keep your hands clean and you won't be questioned by the FBI either.
Cannot wait until big bird Bill is pushed from his nest.
Vote Avella!

(sarc) said...

I believe the word of the day is "TOXIC"...

georgetheatheist said...

Sounds good to me: GIVE the shopper 5 cents BACK for NOT using the plastic bag.

Anonymous said...

Why should we the taxpayers pay for his legal defense??? You are asking us to pay for your wrong doings? Are we not paying enough already?
Yet you want people to reelect you back in.
What are we crazy? Enough is enough already.
Let's start being for the people of this fine city instead of shaking us down.
Where is the transparency you preached about?
How about the tale of two cities you spoke about?
It is still the tale of two cities...deblasio and us.
Where are the protests to this??
Somebody run against this guy! Get this corrupt mayor out of here!

JQ LLC said...

This news segment, while criminally brief (they really need to make these longer than 2 minutes fuck the weather every 5 minutes!), had me laughing out loud. Marcia Kramer is a peach, and for someone who covered the city for sale days in the 80's she's clearly had enough of this shit

Ms. Kramer : hugs and kisses all around, Mayor De Blasio was a charm offensive on steroids.

Other than that, the 5 boroughs are as sure as fucked now. Whatever programs to help the poor and the infrastructure are now in peril for De Faustio had the chutzpah to insist on allocating money for his criminal case for his corrupt ass and corrupt staff. Those two state senators were right to excoriate Mayor Big Slow on his demands in light that he tried to buy their seats. And this delusional asshole thinks he's going to be around by requesting school control for another 3 years?!!

This stunt the dope from park slope is pulling reminds me of the weaselly villain from Fargo, Jerry Lundegaard when he tried to extract a massive loan from his father in law to get out of debt, even though he already arranged to have his wife kidnapped for ransom.