Saturday, January 14, 2017

Safety bills to come before council

From Crains:

City Council members will introduce a slew of bills next week in response to an increase in construction deaths and injuries during the city's building boom.

The package includes 18 pieces of legislation that could have sweeping consequences for the industry.

Crane operation and licensing would be more strictly monitored, while smaller construction sites where accidents have been more prevalent would be required to boost oversight. Several proposals would require the city to more closely track troubled actors in the industry and increase the penalties for flouting laws.

The legislation, called the Construction Safety Act, is led by Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, but some elements could face resistance from Mayor Bill de Blasio, who has ambitious goals for housing development and has clashed with construction-worker unions. The mayor has already expressed skepticism with one of the council measures, a bill to require training programs for construction workers.


(sarc) said...

Let us look at this carefully.

More monitoring of crane licensing.
In other words, you, the Taxpayers will pay more money to new useless bureaucrats that will look at paperwork that they have NO idea what they are!

More monitoring of accidents.
Great we will know exactly how many have died.
Do we not already have this information? Otherwise we would not be speaking of this.

As I have said, these useless legislators are continuing to waste your tax dollars on EIGHTEEN legislative edicts that will only increase costs,and nothing more.

All of this waste to be able too say "we did something" and try to justify their miserable existence at election time...

JQ LLC said...

The mayor, a liberal, thinks it's just fine for construction workers to be underpaid, under-trained, and mostly to the delight and maybe amusement of the overlords of REBNY, unverified. He assumes that all those workers will accept these conditions for they are participating in an act of tremendous noblesse to stem the perennial surge of the homeless crisis that he worsened by building more towers with a morsel of somewhat modest abodes for the poor and huddled masses to vie for in the affordable housing lottery.

Get those giant balloon rats ready.

Anonymous said...

You can bet hidden in that bill are special protections for illegals so construction operations can use then legally. The only thing this sick mayor will give a shit about in this bill.

Anonymous said...

When you see "apprenticeship" requirements, you know the bill is no good.

Apprenticeship means that no one can get the job but people who already have union connections, and are willing to work several years of slave labor so they can join the club.

It doesn't make anything safer, except certain people's incomes.