Saturday, January 14, 2017

Ramp removal planned on Clearview

From the Queens Chronicle:

The New York State Department of Transportation plans on closing the two pedestrian ramps under the Long Island Rail Road trestles on the east and west sides of the Clearview Expressway in Bayside.

“The ramps are underutilized and in poor condition,” the agency said in an advisory. “A recent inspection of these ramps has indicated that they have exceeded their service life.” They will be closed on Friday and removed at an undetermined date.

According to Auburndale Improvement Association First Vice President Henry Euler, who heard about the plan at a Community Board 11 meeting, the agency should have reached out to community members before making any decision.

“They said, ‘Oh, people could walk to Corporal Kennedy Street or Francis Lewis Boulevard,’” he told the Chronicle. “Well, that’s kind of a far trek to take to get from one side of the tracks to the other. In our community they should have things available for people for their convenience.”


Anonymous said...

How does a ramp exceed it's service life? The ramp by me is used very often to get the kids to school so they don't have to cross the busy streets of northern Blvd where nobody knows how to drive. They were put up there for a reason so why can't they leave well enough alone? They aren't in that bad condition. Dont these people have anything else better to do with their time and energy?

(sarc) said...

And how will the chickens get to the other side???

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Said"
"Don't these people have anything else better to do with their time and energy?"

Nope, ignoring the needs of the communities they "Serve" is their number one Priority.

Anonymous said...

I use them all the time. This is outrageous !

Anonymous said...

Just do a news conference with some illegal immigrants who would be inconvienced by this and you will see how fast the politicians will fall over themselves to get these ramps rebuilt.

Anonymous said...

I was a little confused, I thought it was a entrance or exit ramp for vehicles. Around my part of Queens we call them pedestrian overpasses.Like others said they were built for a reason, most likely the community demanded it.When the LIE was built pedestrian overpasses were not on the drawing board,it wasn't until community protests forced them to build them in Maspeth in the early 60's.

Anonymous said...

Exceeded their service life... When was this made known? Who was responsible for the maintenance? As part of the structure that is the Clearview Expwy, why hasn't the expressway's service life expired also? What's changed in the 57 years they've been there that makes their purpose obsolete? (Yeah, lotta questions, no answers).

Anonymous said...

Glad to see your community board and elected officials, whom were likely notified months if not years ago about this project, cared enough to do something about it.

Infrastructure does nothing to harvest voted or employ party hacks in social engineering programs so infrastructure always looses to stuff like dog runs and homeless shelters.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry - Paul Vallone will get right on it (not).

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Queens, but the mayor needs the money to build useless trolleys for hipsters in Brooklyn. We are once again an afterthought, good only for out taxes.

Don't like it? Vote him out.

Anonymous said...

Pedestrian safety will be jeopardized by the removal of the ramps.
Wednesday 1/18/17 in Jackson Heights a pedestrian was murdered by a car driver and look at the penalty quoted in the Daily News.

" Bhattarai stayed at the scene. Police charged him with failure to yield to a pedestrian in a marked crosswalk. He was given a desk appearance ticket."

That's it people ! A desk appearance ticket for murder !