Sunday, January 29, 2017

Architect draws up better plan for Astoria Park diving pool

From DNA Info:

The Parks Department has planned for years to pave over the shuttered pool and turn it into a performance space, a proposal approved by Community Board 1 and the Landmarks Preservation Commission in 2013.

But the plan has drawn criticism from some residents who would rather see the pool restored to its original use.

Andrew Tesoro, who runs the Manhattan firm Tesoro Architects, says he's come up with a design for the space that would keep it functional all year-round. He submitted it to the Parks Department earlier this month.

"As an architect, I object somewhat to the plans of the Parks Department," he said.

The diving pool should retain an "aquatic function" rather than be filled in, he added. "It should have at least other uses."

Tesoro envisions restoring Astoria Park's diving pool for swimming and using it as an ice rink in the winter, then adding a deck-like stage opposite the diving boards to use for events and performances.

He came up with the idea after being approached by Kathleen Springer, an Astoria resident who's spearheaded a campaign to get the pool reopened, Tesoro said, noting the "spectacular design" of the Astoria Park Pool complex.

"It's important to take this precious resource and do as much as we can with it," Tesoro said.

Tesoro doesn't have an exact figure for how much the plan would cost to implement, but thinks it could possibly be cheaper or close in cost to the Parks Department's current plan for the site.

"Filling a 17-foot basin with gravel and then paving over half an acre of that with attractive material — that's not inexpensive activity," he said.


Anonymous said...

With all of the real shit that's going on in NYC , this is how we masturbate ourselves into denial?
God save the Queen. God save NYC. God save America. God bless us all!
Playing with our toys on the playroom does not exclude us from the realty show that's in full swing at Kennedy Airport, etc.
Wake up.
Take part in your government. Squeeze your representatives testicles until he bends to do the job ups elected him to,do.
As far as female representatives in government, I leave you to your imagination.

Anonymous said...

By all means lets make this a diving pool!

Just what we need, more sexual assaults, now with cervical spine injuries!

JQ LLC said...

Good, The warriors and the droogies will have a place to fight and gang rape.

Anonymous said...

Pools are so dirty. Mosquito heaven.

Anonymous said...

What is the Vallone....the old time godfathers of Astoria.... cut on this deal?
La famiglia Di Vallone, tutti Mafiosi!

Anonymous said...

The point of the matter is the theater is for the hipsters moving into Astoria, as well as a bene for the developers on the waterfront, and of course, since it will be named for the Vallones, a legacy project.

That it will cost something approaching $50 million, after you put a roof over it, food stands, rest rooms, stage, changing rooms etc, you will end up with bullshit.

The neighborhood will have to contend with hip-hop mobs (come on, this is Astoria Park not the Great Lawn in Central Park), a noisy pool just freakin 5 feet from the stage, a big damn diving platform between the audience and stage, and sight lines that look at the stage from a 90 degree angle.

No one in Astoria and even articulate this bullshit. Inside info is that it will happen.

Anonymous said...

none of our representatives have testicles

Anonymous said...

This is a NYC landmark art deco engineering masterpiece used fir 3 Olympic Trials, US army major Sammy lee dove off the platforms in 1952 and won his 2nd Olympic medal in Hellsinki. He trained many famous duvers including Greg Louganis. So many Olympians dove off the boards and generations of Astorians. No injuries or deaths ever. It was designed to be used all seasons and this architects plan has a multi purpose use that would be fantastic for our community.