Saturday, January 7, 2017

Be careful who you hire as an architect

From PIX11:

An architect from Queens was nowhere to be found after he promised to help a woman draft up new papers for her two-family home, so PIX11 stepped in.

Denise James said she was getting clobbered by taxes because the city considered her house a three family when it was really a two-family home. She needed an architect to draft new papers so she could get a new certificate of occupancy.

James found Alfred Mierzejewski, of Flushing, after reading good reviews of his services on the internet.

Mierzejewski said he wanted $10,000 to do the job. James gave him a $5,000 deposit in April 2015.

“Never hear from him till after three months. I keep trying to call him, text him, no response," James said.

When Mierzejewski finally did call her, he said he’d forgotten all about her. But somehow he still didn’t get around to completing the job. He gave James a handwritten note promising to refund her $5,000, but it never happened.


Anonymous said...

The recently elusive Wellington Zhou Chen, of CB7 infamy, stayed that he had gone to "architecture school".
He certainly was one of the quieter architects for selling out Flushing to his countrymen.

Anonymous said...

Chen graduated from the School of Architecture and Environmental Studies at City College.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Chen wind up getting divorced and lost his house in Little Neck?
Isn't that the one that Claire Shulman help him to,acquire through forclosure, whatever?

Anonymous said...

More good work from Howard !

Anonymous said...

He is licensed. File a complaint with NYS Office of the Professions.

Anonymous said...

Architects bribed the state so they can sign as engineers. They learn art, not structures. Then realtors bribed the state so they can issue fair value letters, putting appraisers, who spent ten years getting a degree and certification out of business. Realtors bribed the state to let them be home inspectors, putting out of business engineers who spent ten years getting educated and certified. Realtors created the financial crisis by sending mortgages in to banks in the company of hookers, who they somehow got certified as mortgage brokers. We need to put realtors under the Federal Reserve. Why should all those worthless, snarky, gum chewing obnoxious housewives be realtors? Uberize them!

Unknown said...

I have the same experience with Alfred Mierzejewski. I gave him $3K deposit back in July 2017 and after numerous calls and messages he made a small step in getting the project finished. I am firing him and starting over with another architect.

Stanislaw Starczewski

alm said...

This is slander. These are all lies. I will sue for defamation. I responded previously. My response was not even published here. Architect nowhere to be found? This is first lie followed by bunch of other lies. Every sentence is misrepresentation. Nowhere to be found. My tel. number and my information has been on the internet for last 30 years. The blogger has no understanding of NYC Department of Buildings procedures and other agencies involved, and he based all his accusation on hostile person's story of lies. This owner created housing, department of buildings and life safety violations by renting illegally basement apartment. I told her that she can convert legally by my research and knowledge. And I was in the process of working on this. After investing my time to the work on the project she decided she will no longer be able to afford the conversion. The blogger is a crap himself.