Friday, January 13, 2017

Landlords and National Grid employees pinched for bribery

From CBS2:

Dozens of Brooklyn landlords and National Grid employees have been accused of illegally installing gas meters to put money in their own pockets.

CBS2’s Ali Bauman had exclusive access as many of the suspects turned themselves in on Thursday morning. Many of the suspects didn’t have criminal records, but some now face years in state prison.

The 37 people were accused of working hand in hand to bypass city regulations and make a quick buck, many now face charges of bribery, falsifying records, and the highest felony charge — enterprise corruption


JQ LLC said...

"you don't neeeeeeed it". What a pile of shit, as with the others in that pathetic conspiracy.

What interesting footage of houses and apt. buildings these were. Especially the dark grey ones with a slight contrast of white, which is the preferred aesthetic of new abodes in Bushwick and Williamsburgh.

Since rooms were mentioned, I wonder if airbnb was utilized by these scumbags.

Anonymous said...

If the process to get these hook-ups were not as torturous to be done legally there would be no incentive for the payoffs. I had the gas shut down by National Grid for a small leak and it took 6 months to get it turned back on. That is 6 months with no heat or hot water, not to mention the stove.

Anonymous said...

agree with the last guy but i was con ed. splitting 1 meter to 2. cost me $60,000 because my house was uninhabitable for 6 months. the utility companies in NYC are the real criminals here because they don't have any obligations if they shut your services off - and they dont need a reason. if they do, you are no longer their customer, and under NYPSC you therefore have no rights.

(sarc) said...


Since the gas explosion occurred in the afternoon of March 26, 2015, the East Village gas explosion, The City has cracked down on everything!

If there is a gas leak, all must be involved, and all must be inspected!!!

So, if you have a gas leak and call the Gas Company, they will come sniff, AND SHUT OFF YOUR GAS AND TELL YOU TO CALL A PLUMBER!!!

The plumber will tell you that the old pipes will not hold to the new standards and the ENTIRE House needs to be re-piped...

(wish I understood BOLD font)

SIX MONTHS later, WITHOUT GAS, HEAT OR HOT WATER, you MAY pass the test, I hope the Holiday Inn was a nice one...

And you will wonder WHY NO ONE WILL call a gas leak in henceforth...


Anonymous said...

Electrocute tgese bastards!

Anonymous said...

A few days later, and the original article has mysteriously disappeared from the CBS website.