Thursday, January 12, 2017

Infrastructure upgrades obviously needed

From CBS:

Crews are on the scene of a massive water main break Thursday in Queens.

The main burst at 60th Avenue and 99th Street in Corona overnight, sending water and mud gushing into the street and cracking the asphalt.

Crews are now trying to get to the water main.

The cause of the break is still unclear.


Anonymous said...

Not surprised
The infrastructure is definitely falling apart.
The city waits for things to happen and sometimes they are told about sink holes and leaking water coming from a hole in the road but
Nothing is done until this occurs.
My sink hole on the block was an actual hole and one day a road crew filled it?? A bandaid to a disaster.

JQ LLC said...

Let's hope the hipshits and tower people in LIC and woodside take notice. If they are not ensconced in their app dependent lifestyles.

Although I am more concerned with the sustainability of the skinny pipes in southeast queens.

(sarc) said...

As I have stated in the past,

These infrastructure projects are not "sexy"' not "shiney & new" and are very long term continuously ongoing.

These types of infrastructure projects are not conducive nor good opportunities for photo ops and grand ribbon cutting ceremonies...

CUNY Gender Studies PhD said...

Infrastructure upgrades obviously needed

We DO NOT need infrastructure upgrades!

We need more transgendered police officers!

We need Comrade Mayor De Blasio speaking truth-to-power about White Privilege!

We need HIGHER TAXES to build housing for Syrian refugees!

We need HIGHER TAXES to support HIGHER SALARIES for CUNY Gender Studies professors such as myself!

Anonymous said...

No body wants to pay for it.

>>We DO NOT need infrastructure upgrades!

If all the refugees that the US takes in from Syria, moved to NYC that would make up .0075% of the population. Don't be dumb. Make an intelligent comment.

>>We need HIGHER TAXES to build housing for Syrian refugees!

Anonymous said...

We need more lefty wackadoodles like anonymous .0075 who hasn't noticed that if we didn't have third world immigrants in Queens the borough's population would be .0075 of what it was in 1950.

Anonymous said...

So where does all the money go that's collected around here every year?

Camel said...

This waterman break, and the dozens of smaller breaks that happen in this area every week, are not due to aging infrastructure. It is due to the fact that the entire area around the LIE and Junction Blvd is build on plowed under wet lands. The ground is highly unstable. All of the buildings had to be built on driven piles. So now the buildings won't sink. However the sidewalk, roads, sewers and water mains are constantly sinking. The sewers and water mains are not flexible pipe. Eventually they have to snap. And it may and does happen to new pipes, age has nothing to do with it. The land should have never been built on. It should have been left as wet land and swamp. But even 60 and 70 years ago the developers had to be satisfied at any cost.

Anonymous said...

This is Corona. Nobody in politics really gives a shit.

Anonymous said...

I came home from the weekend to discover another huge watermain break on 72nd Av in KGH. The entire street is still shut off.