Friday, January 27, 2017

Illegally parked trucks are a menace to South Ozone Park


I live in Queens and for a few years trucks have been illegally parking in my residential neighborhood, and nothing is being done about it.

Commercial trucks can’t stay on city roads between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m according to city law. I have gone to meetings at the police precinct, spoken to my community board and still nothing is being done, there are about 8-12 trucks that park over here daily.
They park in an intersection blocking a lane, they park on the sidewalk. But the most dangerous one of them all is they park right next to a school. Here are pictures of one that was parked for 4 days with out moving parked illegally next to a school blocking a fire hydrant, and bus stop for days I did a few different 311 complaints over the weekend and it's very alarming how nothing was done.
This truck was parked on 130th street and 150th ave next to an elementary school.
Those are a few 311 complaints where the police department determined police action was not necessary and the last pic is of a truck blocking and intersection on South Conduit Ave and you cannot see the oncoming traffic.

- Anonymous


Anonymous said...

How can the 311 folks say "no police action required" with a straight face?

Joe Moretti said...

So will this become a part of Katz's State of the Borough today at York College, since the state of the borough is shit, more crap, rampant over-development, irresponsible development with no consideration for infrastructure, a slew of homeless shelter in hotels, garbage, illegal conversions, illegal truck driving on residential streets, lack of enforcement on the majority of quality of life issues like this South Ozone Park crap and all the other crap which can fill up an entire day at York College.

NAH, she will talk about how diverse and vibrant Queens is (see how many times diverse and vibrant are used in her speech)and of course talk about how wonderful Jamaica is, while several blocks east of the college sits a poisonous waste transfer station, Royal Waste, a few blocks south is the horrific ghetto of South Jamaica and a few blocks north sits a homeless shelter and a hotel turned partial homeless shelter where just recently a man with a machete held his ex-wife and kids hostage for several hours.

Anonymous said...

Commercial drivers must keep a log, stop & sleep every 8 or so hours.
Something like that anyway

Anonymous said...

Is this the same government agency that made that add stating there was a truck with dangerous materials in NYC for DAYS before someone called it in?

Just more garbage from Big Brother.

Gary W said...

Slash the tires.

JQ LLC said...

There are plenty of places to park big rigs in that area. It would be of more interest to find out what that truck was hauling that the NYPD refuses to enforce the law and even basic common sense, especially since this prick decided to park on a busy bus route.

This negligence clearly is coming from the top brass to assist in devaluing the area. Keep on the lookout for abandoned charred vehicles like the one in Woodside last week.

I hope I am not responsible for this spiteful and vindictive indifference to area and it's constituents by referring it as the "dirty southeast". Although since my post about the Lefferts Blvd station, it has actually got worse there.

Anonymous said...

Crappy covered illegal oversized trucks in the past... plus, overnight street-storage of ANY commercial vehicle (with the unfortunate exception of a "few" livery-plated vehicles near the base) is illegal... This has turned up on Tony Avella's radar;
We've been trying to get the NYC Council (Contact them!) to address this, and proposed:
1. Legislation mandating transparency and public access to records of "exception" permits issued to over-sized trucks
2. Sidewalk repairs of damage caused by over-sized trucks' maneuvers to be funded by allocation of fees for permits
3. Require that permits allowing transport of non-divisible load be prominently displayed
We have also requested State DoT, NYC DoT & police precincts meet to discuss and promote realistic enforcement strategies. NYC DoT doesn't even know how many of these exception permits are issued!!!

Anonymous said...

"observed no evidence of the violation"

Truck? What truck? Or maybe it was a little too cold that night, so no one wanted to go outside and take a look.

Anonymous said...

This is a problem all over the 5 Boro's !!

Anonymous said...

The issue is these trucks take their plates off so they don't get tickets, and cover their VIN numbers in the windows. Then most are out of state so there is no registration sticker in the window to get any info off of. So the only option is to tow it.

But to tow an 18 wheeler is a whole big long production, so it's not done and then you have this problem. The city really needs to make this issue a bigger enforcement priority.

Anonymous said...

Well when a fire breaks out and the hydrants are blocked and people die because of this that is when something will be done. This is the story of must die before something is done.
Where is the traffic cops??? They can ride around over here on the Plateau looking to give out tickets but never are around when homeowners illegal park by the hydrants.

Anonymous said...

They need to come over to Queens. This is a severe problem in privately own parking lots as well as residential streets. Parking is hard enough as it is without all these trucks taking up everything. Don't even get me started on all these mudanzas moving trucks with commercial plates from different states that park all over the area for days at a time overnight, which is illegal, and no one does anything about it

Anonymous said...

Boot the tires, like they do with other illegally parked vehicles.

Anonymous said...

Drive west on the LIE and get off at the Clearview Expressway and as soon as you come onto the Clearview there is usually 5 to 10 BIG 18 wheelers up on the shoulder.

Cops do nada even though a sign says EMERGENCY STOPPING ONLY.

This is a hazard. I've seen the trucks pull out in front of oncoming traffic many times. Just a matter of time before a disastrous accident occurs.

Anonymous said...

Are they too lazy to do the paperwork for these illegal parking incidents? I filed a 311 for a tree that fell down and was blocking a sidewalk . The. Report came back " complaint closed" but the tree sat there for nearly 1 week before more calls were made and the tree was finally removed. I'll never understand how 311 works!

JQ LLC said...

" I'll never understand how 311 works!"

It really doesn't. I called it once to report a leaning tree that was dropping branches daily and the operator was a being a snide little shit.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg started 311 to keep metrics on complaints and it has devolved into a dumping ground for the unemployable. It now employs so many that it can't be eliminated.

It also allows city workers to be more efficient and devote more of their time to accomplishing assigned tasks.

Notice how great that worked out.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to illegal truck parking, we get the same bs response from the 102 Pct. Trucks can always be found parked along Atlantic Avenue & Woodhaven Blvd.
I was told by a former community affairs officer that the fine to have a boot removed was $1000 - payable before removal. The Pct. now tells the tale that to boot a vehicle an officer needs special training. How the fuck hard can that be?? Boot the bastards repeatedly is the only way to get a grip on this chronic problem.