Thursday, January 12, 2017

AirTrain is unnecessary spending

From the Village Voice:

At last week’s board meeting, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey unveiled its latest $32 billion, 10-year spending blueprint — a document carefully calibrated not to consider the region’s need for new infrastructure, but to appease governors on both sides of the Hudson.

The governors, of course, appoint the Port’s commissioners and, bridge scandals notwithstanding, continue to pull the strings at the authority. Unfortunately, using the Port Authority to dole out money to gubernatorial pet projects does nothing to help commuters stuck with a dysfunctional regional transportation system.

Two big examples show how the latest Christie-Cuomo spending plan got it all wrong.

First up: dubious airport rail projects favored by both governors are getting funded in a suspicious quid pro quo. Nearly $1.5 billion would go to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s LaGuardia-Willets Point AirTrain, which transit experts say will actually take longer than existing bus service.


Anonymous said...

You get the government you deserve

Anonymous said...

Maybe $100 million to extend the Ditmars line to LaGuardia instead of $1.5 Billion to round about to Willets on the 7 Line.

Hey, thank the nitwits in Vallonia "who don't wanna anythink in thaya nabahoood."

Millions inconvenienced? That's YOUR problem as long as Peeta's around.

Anonymous said...

Culmination has early onst Alzheimer's.......