Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sampson sent up the river

From AM-NY:

Former New York State Senate leader John Sampson was sentenced to 5 years in prison Wednesday for lying and obstructing justice to cover up his misuse of escrow money as a private lawyer.

Brooklyn U.S. District Judge Dora Irizarry also imposed a $75,000 fine on the former Democratic leader from Canarsie whose 2015 conviction was one in a string of corruption cases that have rocked Albany.

Sampson, 51, had allegedly misused $440,000 in escrow money to help finance a political campaign for district attorney in Brooklyn, then did favors for Edul Ahmad, a local businessman who gave him $188,000 to help cover up the misuse of funds.

He was not convicted of those charges but was convicted of lying to the FBI and recruiting a childhood friend, Sam Noel, who worked for the Brooklyn U.S. attorney’s office, as a mole to keep track of an investigation of Ahmad, who he feared might become an informant.


georgetheatheist said...

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

JQ LLC said...

Such a gangster stare.

Anonymous said...

His name will be back on a ballot in 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Another thug politician.

(sarc) said...

It was just minor accounting errors and a misunderstanding...

Anonymous said...

Remind me again why he wasn't charged in the original embezzlement and fraud?

Because it is business as usual in politics!

Drain the swamp!

Trump to the rescue!

Trump Jr. for Mayor!

One more day until the Future Begins!

Anonymous said...

When will Silver and Skelos go to jai?

Anonymous said...

Good! Now jail De Blasio!
Maybe with Teump in office, we might see and end to political corruption.
I am sure that the Donald will install enough of his own corrupt business heads.

Anonymous said...

Keep voting the party line,comrades.

RobNYC said...

"Drain the swamp! Trump to the rescue!".

Ok. Sure. What i like doing is pointing out to the trumpsters that nearly everyone he has nominated or appointed is either from banking or Wall Street and a billionaire.

The worried and confused looks on their faces is the only enjoyable point in this sad chapter of American history.

You were sold a Bill Of goods by this huckster.

Rob in Manhattan

Anonymous said...

And our previous chapter of American history was such a success?
Anyone who upsets the apple cart of incumbent liberal Democrats is welcome.
Trump will prove to be as refreshing as a douche on a hot August day.
When entitled politicians run scared, that is a good sign.
They represent the NYC real estate industry. That is why so many neighborhoods have been destroyed!
Thank you local yokel elected officials!

Anonymous said...

And we were not sold a bill of goods from Dem chief Virginia Joe Crowley?
You are living in a dream world bub!

Anonymous said...

Trump will put a halt on sanctuary America.
The swamp is the illegals driving up the cost of things.
Did you just get an increase in your medical insurance premium?
Thank Obama Care.

Anonymous said...

another Affirmative Action failure. Reason to eradicate Affirmative Action- it was supposed to help all women, it doesn't only black women. end it now.

Anonymous said...

"When will Silver and Skelos go to jai?"
Never !