Saturday, January 7, 2017

2-family house illegally converted into 8-family

From Brooklyn Reporter:

A Dyker Heights home has been issued a full vacate order after Department of Buildings (DOB) officials found that it had been illegally converted from a two-family home to an eight-family home, housing just over two dozen people.

An initial complaint, logged onto the DOB database on Tuesday, January 3, stated that the home – located at 1178 65th Street – was a “two family house, turned into a six family house with 30 people living there.” However, upon inspection by the Building Marshals Office two days later, the residence was found to have “illegal gas and electrical work at the location, and [it was] determined that the two-family home was illegally converted into an eight-family residence,” according to a DOB spokesperson.

President of the Brooklyn Housing Preservation Alliance Bob Cassara says that the vigilant actions of neighbors and concerned residents who continue to file complaints with the DOB, local officials and a recently started Agency Task Force, aid the city in combating illegal conversions.

“The fact that credible information is being supplied from the community is the reason we’re able to get a lot of this done,” said Cassara who, in 2015, helped form the Agency Task Force – which focuses on combating the proliferation of illegal home conversions in Dyker Heights and Bay Ridge. “[Residents] are making these complaints to DOB, and sending us complaints or going to a councilmember or community board and if the information that’s being supplied is credible, [DOB] acts on it.”


Anonymous said...

This was occurring over at least 3 years before the city finally stepped in! Who was paid off to begin with?

Anonymous said...

These illegal conversions have to stop. Once mayor dumblasio is out hopefully we can get someone more aware of the dangers of these illegals conversions.....then again I heard Hilary might run for mayor so you know she Will be just as loose as dumblasio is about these illegal conversions so I can forget that idea. NYC is run down to the ground and nobody does anything to stop it. Overpriced, overcrowded, over rated.

Anonymous said...

Many do this to pay off their mortgages and to support their "not living with in their means".
This causes a danger to all especially to the FDNY.
We have a one family house in our neighborhood which was illegal converted to a three family house and it also uses the garage.
They changed the dynamics of the house and will never let the inspectors in.
Besides the additional two cars on the already overcrowded block.
A disaster waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

What took so long to get this done ?
1. Incompetence
2. Lack of manpower
3. Graft/Corruption
4. All of the above

Anonymous said...

If people don't complain and take action, nothing happens. if it was going on for three years, then the people in the community weren't vigilant. I live in queens and most of the people did nothing but gripe. All it took is a couple of calls in my area of queens to have an illegal conversion dealt with. I guess it's easier to just complain about corruption and do nothing than actually do something.

Anonymous said...

The "affordable housing" premise in use.
How many Latinos can you squeeze into a dormitory?
Trump might say..."If they're a all Mexicans, at least twenty five"!

chico0100 said...

What about this house in Queens?

What the heck is the DOB doing?

Anonymous said...

All it took is a couple of calls in my area of queens to have an illegal conversion dealt with.

The owner/tenant/resident does not have to let the inspector into the house. And after the inspector visits twice, even if they are not allowed inside, the case is automatically closed.

Anonymous said...

This happens in all boroughs, and the DOB ignores most complaints. I've seen some complaints going back nearly 20 years by my mother's house, and they close them when they can't gain entry into the building. For other things where permission is needed, the City gives a slap on the wrist. There is so much corruption in NY that it will take a miracle to untangle it all.

authorericarstinson said...

To the last anonymous. I thought that was the case too that after an LS four has been posted twice the case seems to go away. But what I learned is that an LS four means that they have to call to make an appointment to meet with the inspector. I know that most people will ignore this, which is why they should fix it to be a mandatory appointment otherwise they will come with the fire marshal and investigate the property whether the owner allows them in or not . They really need to step up with this because it's completely out of control.

ron s said...

Two family to eight? They're not even trying hard. Twelve minimum if you know what you're doing.

Anonymous said...

how dare you discriminate against the Chinese like this? they are hardworking people and their children are available to take all school tests for your lazy no good son for the right price.

Anonymous said...

It okay ,they all family.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a Tommy Huang special.

Anonymous said...

How many urchins can live on the head of pushpin?