Thursday, January 26, 2017

Peralta joins the IDC

From NY1:

The breakaway Independent Democratic Conference, or IDC, will now have eight members with its newest addition, state Senator Jose Peralta of Queens.

"Look, this is a process. Like I said, I've been doing a lot of soul searching. And I reached that crossroads," Peralta said.

Despite holding a numeric majority, Democrats do not run the state Senate. The Republicans do, with a power-sharing arrangement with the IDC. That means both members of the IDC and Senate Republicans control the legislative agenda in the upper house.

By party registration, Democrats actually outnumber Republicans by 32 to 31 seats. But in practice, it's much different. Mainline Democrats now have 23 seats, Republicans 31 and the IDC 8. And Brooklyn Democrat Simcha Felder caucuses with the Republicans.

Peralta says joining the IDC is the best way to deliver for his Queens constituents.


Anonymous said...

US District Attorney turning up the heat a little too high on your Queens cronies for too long lately, José?

Anonymous said...

Of course he did the Dems don't have enough money to steal... It's not about what's good for their constituents, it's about where the money is...

Anonymous said...

Smart move by the IDC members..They can bring more $$ to their district, thus insuring re-election.

Anonymous said...

How do you stay in power? Simple, you change parties so that you won't get blamed for all the mess that your previous party created.

The guy is a career politician and a sneaky one at that !!

Anonymous said...

Wow...I don't know why I am surprised...this guy has always seemed less than useless anyway

Anonymous said...

""Dems don't have enough money to steal""

Yep and as the federal gravy train & noose gets tighter they will come after us with insane water bills, new taxes and $1500 car registration fees like they had to do in California.

Voters better wake up and dump this Mayor and anybody other law breaking "pro sanctuary" activist types. If Trumps turns off the money this whole city will is going to resemble a Porta-Potty bowl during Mardi Gras. -And real fast at that.
The NY Governor has even said "If you don't like immigration, diversity or sense of civic duty to help out your fellow man or want guns get the hell out of New York because "WE" are going to make you miserable!

Note the Governors use of the word "WE"- Its clearly become a corrupt dictatorship, all must be thrown out ! --As in pulling the flush chain is the only hope right now.

Anonymous said...


❝The Earth is not dying, it is being killed. And, the people who are killing it have names and addresses.❞ —Utah Phillips

Alas, in 1871, the US Treasury went bankrupt as a result of the Civil War. It sought help from global financiers, such as the Rothschilds of London. Global bankers were eager to buy, and the treasonous Act of 1871 was passed by the 41st Congress. The Constitution was altered, and America was transformed into a CORPORATION.

Today, it's STILL a CORPORATION, wholly owned, operated and run by global bankers. There is no Federal government, ONLY a CORPORATION. Politicians (not public servants) do not serve We the People (nor have they ever!)! They work for CORPORATE FASCIST AMERICA, and NO ONE ELSE!


Anonymous said...

I don't care much for this charlatan but if this helps to derail Dumblasio's progressive agenda (turning NYC into ghettostan) then good

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Independent Democrats?
New and "improved" Democrats?
Yeah, tell me another funny story.

Anonymous said...

Big deal!
The IDC has no real power in a borough of sheeple!
Big Virginia Joe Crowley will stomp 'em flat!
Welcome to the Democratic dictatorship of Queens.
Stop complaining about Republicans. Our Democrats are far worse, hiding in the folds of liberalism.
They are not liberals. They ar fascists in the pockets of real estate industry developers!
Melinda Katz is our local bund Fuhrer!
She's the one who greases all the poorly though development projects through.
Throw this slut out of the Queens whore house of politics!