Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bill's new definition of "progressive"

From the NY Post:

Either Mayor de Blasio thinks Republicans are progressives — or he’s one lousy liar.

To answer charges he was selling City Hall access (at least) for donations to his shady Campaign for One New York, de Blasio said on NY1 last month, “We sought donations from people who had historically given to . . . progressive causes.”

Oops: Turns out, “more than a dozen” CONY givers had funneled hefty sums to conservative groups and candidates, like Donald Trump and Chris Christie, Politico New York reported Tuesday.

Stanley Chera’s real-estate firm, Crown Acquisitions, forked over $20,000 to CONY in 2015. Yet Chera also gave $30,000 to super PACs backing Christie and $50,000 to Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee. Chera’s now on Trump’s transition team. Is he a “progressive”?

Developer George Klein sent $50,000 to CONY. Yet he also pumped $216,600 to the RNC and $125,000 to a group backing Jeb Bush — who bashed de Blasio’s pre-K expansion, the original raison d’être for CONY.

Businessman John Catsimatidis ponied up $20,000 for CONY — the year after running for mayor in the GOP primary.


Anonymous said...

Wake up Queens! Wake up New York!
REBNY (Real Estate Board of NYC) is our government.
The mayor is a figurehead. NOBODY gets elected without real estate developers's campaign contributions including, that great white knight, Tony Avella.

Avella gets VERY LITTLE money from developers compared to all others. That makes him the one honest candidate.
However, understand this, politics is a business! It is an occupation that every political job holder does not want to be fired from by the voters.

JQ LLC said...

Bill De Faustio has the morals of the worst kind of hedge fund trader and as the entitled big spending donors he willfully accepts ill-gotten gains from. Nothing matters as long as it supports and furthers his neoliberal agenda, which can barely meet the half-ass standard. The Citizen's United decision has corrupted the fund raising process and democracy itself.

More muck raking has to be done, it would be interesting if there are any conservative donors from the hotelier industry that gave to his CONY pac.

Apparently, the one new york he was aiming for only involved the ones of both political affiliations and ideologies with the bags of cash and vacant lots.

He's a whore
(I'll Do anything for money)
Cheap Trick

Anonymous said...

Giving $ to both sides, the price of doing business in NYC.

Anonymous said...

"Avella gets VERY LITTLE money from developers compared to all others"

and that is the reason why he will fail at unseating Mayor DumBlasio.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the brand name for some kind of soup?

Anonymous said...

Make if 'Faux-Progressive': Or Make It Yourself!

Now, I'll take Progresso Soup ANY day over the chaste ladleful of 'quasi-Honest Avella's' bowl of spoiled gruel, which incidentally is the reason why he will lose yet another mayoralty for which he was never even qualified in the first place!

Besides, this cradle-to-grave 'Gadfly of Queens' has more pension plans than Michael Phelps has Gold Medals! It's time to fade away into oblivion, Tony the Phoney Baloney, where you rightfully belong--we've been duped, bilked and scammed enough!

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton is thinking about running for Mayor of NYC?
God help us!

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha! Oh, how I love a good joke! Crooked, Corporate $hitlary may be running for the NYC mayoralty! Now, it's official: She's trying to establish a new precedent and record in the Guiness Book of World Records for the MOST political losses in her intensely incompetent, political, carpetbagging, hustler-hacking, coattail riding lifetime——compliments of her 'Killary Kool-Aid' chugging peasants, whose pitiful trail of tears continue to be shed for a pathological, high treasonous, traitorous, warmongering, murderous, massacring SCOURGE of corruption, dishonesty, dishonor, disloyalty, dereliction of public duty, depravity, arrogance, evil——and a predatory, rapacious, passive-aggressive, unrepentant, unapologetic, 20th century, warmed over white woman of epic, humanitarian (and ecological) fail, as she continues to OPENLY-and-CONTINUALLY lie, cheat and steal——EASIER THAN SHE BREATHES!