Monday, January 9, 2017

Air pollution inspector arrested for accepting bribe

From DNA Info:

A city air pollution inspector was busted for soliciting a bribe from a Brooklyn construction site after threatening to impose a stop work order, officials said Wednesday.

Sean Richardson-Daniel, 53, was inspecting 222 Pulaski St. on Dec. 4, 2015 when he told an informant he believed was a property representative that he would issue the stop work order unless he received $15,000 in cash, even though there were no active Department of Environmental Protection complaints against the property, according to the Department of Investigation.


Anonymous said...

Was this guy even a REAL inspector? I thought they didn't exist - at least as far as responsiveness is concerned.

Anonymous said...

No! You don't say!
Imagine an inspector accepting a bribe.
Par for the course!

(sarc) said...

We are finally going back to the good ole days.

Free market economics is coming back.

There is always the right price...

Anonymous said...

A corrupt city inspector? What's their nationality?