Wednesday, January 11, 2017

DSNY app inaccurate

From NY1:

A Queens councilman says the city's PlowNYC program did not measure up during this weekend's snowstorm.

City Councilman Rory Lancman uploaded videos on Twitter showing snow-covered streets in his district.

He said many of them had not been plowed in hours, or at all.

This, despite the streets being marked as recently cleared on PlowNYC - the city's public database that tracks which streets have been plowed.


Anonymous said...

Did we really expect honesty from BDB's Administration? Really?!

Anonymous said...

Driving through Forest Hills yesterday, it was clear that while every street I saw had been plowed at least once, many side streets had not been plowed again after the snow ended, leaving them with an inch or three of snow still on the road.

Anonymous said...

They make it look like the plowed the street when they come up the street with the plow blade up and just salt.

Anonymous said...

The Plow NYC App is like 311 it gives you the illusion you're doing something. It's useless other than creating jobs for what would otherwise be welfare recipients.