Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ozone Park drop in center is moving forward

From the Queens Chronicle:

After looking at alternative sites, Breaking Ground and the Department of Social Services, which oversees the Department of Homeless Services, have decided to slowly phase homeless people into a drop-in, transitional shelter on Atlantic Avenue, leaders for both groups told Community Board 9’s executive committee members Tuesday.

Claire Sheedy, vice president of Breaking Ground’s housing operations, said the group looked at one promising alternative site — and several less promising ones — but the owner of it was not interested in leasing it for the use of providing services to homeless people. The shelter will only see 10 homeless people per day until next year, when that will go up to 50 and ultimately 125. Responding to requests from the community, it will not provide services to registered sex offenders. The site is less than 200 feet from a public high school.


Anonymous said...

That neighborhood and pathetic shopping center are shot to hell anyway. Nobody will notice.

JQ LLC said...

That place has been a desert for years. I recall when it had service merchandise and blockbuster video and radio shack.

The App and streaming economy has ruined everything.

I am curious how they are going to squeeze over a hundred homeless people at once. But then I recall those pictures Jacob Riis took.

It's a new depression, and it's being concentrated in areas with no cache.

I am also curious if any new homeless shelters have been placed in Brooklyn lately

Camel said...

New homeless shelters in Brooklyn? How about some new shelters on the upper east side or upper west side? Or how about the west village or forest hills gardens? Come on folks let's admit that no one wants the bums in their neighborhood. If you think the term bum is "insensitive" then consider this, most of these people are serious drug and/or alcohol abusers. There are also a lot of them that are just plain nuts and may be dangerous so they should be under lock and key, maybe for good. A lot of them are simply underachieving lazy losers that need job training and lifestyle choice traing and a shit load of discipline. Then there are the sad cases, the single parent or veteran that through no fault of their own wind up homeless. I don't think most communities would object to a shelter or apts for that last category.

(sarc) said...

"The shelter will only see 10 homeless people per day until next year, when it will go up to..."

Just as the frog sits in tepid water, we are just conditioned to accept this as the new normal.

However, what will be done when the supply of Syrian refugees are cut off?

I imaging we may need to import some vagrants from San Fransisco where they also have an immense homeless population.

And if I recall correctly, were there not Level 3 deviant sexual offenders, and licentious child predators living unchecked, and unsupervised in the Pan Am FAMILY Homeless Shelter?

What a wonderful system...

Anonymous said...

once the queensway is finished will be only be 1 block away.
they can use that to get around unnoticed and check out everybody's back yard

Anonymous said...

All those community board meetings were a waste of time!

Anonymous said...

Of course this shit dump is moving forward. Don't believe for a second that Breaking Ground was seriously looking at or considering an alternate site.

Yes, the area ain't much (lots and lots and lots of noise & illegal parking from auto repair shops), but it's been pretty safe. The bums from the shelter will undoubtedly migrate to the Maurice Fitzgerald Playground a block away. And you can forget about going into Dunkin Donuts or Subway without being accosted.

Anonymous said...

Dalas bros coffee was there for years.......this city sucks.

Anonymous said...

Another nail in the coffin of Ozone Park.
Why is it called that anyway...high Ozone level in the air?
Anyone know the historic origin of that name?
Am curious.

Gary W said...

The crapper delivers