Monday, January 16, 2017

New traffic pattern for LIE

From CBS 2:

Commuters on the Long Island Expressway in Queens can expect some major traffic changes starting this week.

According to the New York City Department of Transportation, traffic patterns in both directions on the LIE between exits 22A and 22C in Queens will shift starting at 10 p.m. Monday, if weather permits.

The DOT says the new traffic pattern will be in effect for 24 weeks.

The new traffic pattern is as follows:

  • Eastbound traffic on the Long Island Expressway service road will be shifted towards the right, will all lanes together on the new bridge deck.

  • Two lanes on the westbound side of the service road between exits 22A and 22B will be to the left of the concrete barrier, with one lane to the right. Drivers who wish to exit at 22B will have to be in the right lane.

  • Eastbound traffic on the Long Island Expressway main highway between exits 22A and 22C will be split, with one lane left of the concrete barrier and two lanes to the right.


(sarc) said...

More misery...

Anonymous said...

I'm getting heart palpitations just looking at those ridiculous drawings.. Did they get a child to draw the lines for the new pattern?!