Thursday, January 19, 2017

Union blaming de Blasio for construction deaths

From the Commercial Observer:

Thirty-one members of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York were arrested as part of a planned construction safety demonstration today—hours before the City Council introduced a package of 18 bills aimed at curbing the high number of jobsite deaths in the last two years.

Hundreds of union members and supporters filled a stretch of Park Row outside of City Hall to raise awareness for the 30 workers who have been killed in New York City over the last 24 months. (The extra arrestee was for the next worker to die, according to a spokesman for the union.)

Chanting “How many more must die?” in English and Spanish, some members carried ceremonial black coffins on their shoulders and a prop of the grim reaper. The coordinated arrest occurred after union protesters, wearing a number on their sweatshirt for each of those killed, blocked a section of the Lower Manhattan street while holding up signs.

“The first step to solving the problem is admitting you have one,” James Mahoney, the president of the New York State Iron Workers District Council, told Commercial Observer at the rally this morning. “Mayor de Blasio, you have one. People are dying; there’s blood on his hands.”


Anonymous said...

Lots of blood on this POS's hands. from Day One, demonizing the Police-- there are at least 10 police deaths nationally he's responsible for, and the including these construction deaths. Can we please vote the dope from park slope out?

Anonymous said...

If these unfortunate workers were employed on Wall Street do you think this story would be treated differently ?

Anonymous said...

HUH ? How can all these illegals getting killed be a union ?
Most cant read or write (in any language) to even sign a contract.

Hell they wont sign anything nor give a real name or address, my sister see's them in the hospital she works in. Every day its the same shit along with a mountain of bills that bounce back "return to sender!!!
How can they sue ?

georgetheatheist said...

Read in yesterday's Times that Tony Avella has $725 in his campaign coffers.

Anonymous said...

Iron workers union hiring scabs? Times have changed.

Anonymous said...

Check out all those non Union construction workers (how many illegals?) at Jerry Wolkoff's building site at Court Square LIC Queens.
How safe are the conditions adjacent to the highly traveled #7 line?
There have been numerous violations at that former 5 Pointz site. Jimmy VAn Bramer obviously doesn't give a shit. He only parks his lavender ass in the city council while he sucks up to developer contributions. He took $10,000+ from the Wolkoff family.

Anonymous said...

5 Pointz site has so many illegals working they have translators and a van always on duty to poor "Miguel" father of 8 on a hospital doorstep when injured.

This Van Bramer sounds like a real down & dirty crook because he HAS to knows this shit is going on. Even more so when they get to the sheet rocking and inside finishing work behind closed doors. $10,000 is all he costs to buy ? Thats pretty cheap for such large projects!!

Jobs & benefits for us ?
F_CK NO, just another ugly glass tower blocking a once great sunset view of Manhattan. Now becoming what I call the sunset freak show.

Anonymous said...

Bosses like the illegals because they work for less but really because they can't say no.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...
Bosses like the illegals because they work for less but really because they can't say no."

Yep. And most of those bosses hiring these folks are republicans.

Anonymous said...

"Yep. And most of those bosses hiring these folks are republicans."
And plenty of "Limousine Liberals" too.