Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Senior seeking reimbursement from landlord

From DNA Info:

Ronald Peters has not seen his wife since Dec. 7, the day the elevator in his 6-story building on Austin Street, near 84th Road, in Kew Gardens was shut down for a major repair.

The 82-year old Korean War veteran, who needs a walker to move around and is unable to climb stairs, was forced to temporarily relocate to a Holiday Inn near the Veterans Hospital in Brooklyn where he had a number of appointments scheduled for December and January, he said.

His wife Virginia, 80, who also can't climb stairs, stayed in their apartment on the top floor.

Peters, who said he has been unable to get in touch with his landlord, PSRS Realty Group, since early December, already paid more than $7,000 for his stay at the hotel, according to the bills he shared with DNAinfo New York.

Now, he wants the landlord to pay him back, he said.

“They should reimburse me because what do they want me to do? Go up these steps?" said Peters, who has a pacemaker and suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure, among other illnesses. "I can’t go up six flights.”

“It’s so aggravating," he said, adding that if the landlord does not reimburse him, he will consider legal action.

PSRS Realty Group did not return multiple phone calls from DNAinfo seeking comment.


JQ LLC said...

It's sabotage. It's sadism and contempt for the elderly and infirm. Plain and simple. It's to get them to move or die so the scumlord LLC can list their apts. at the fabricated overvalued market rate and the hipshits can move in, bringing vibrancy and a hip cache to the area. This is the equivalent of what went down in Bushwick with the gut renovations disrupting the lives of rent-stabilized tenants in those long neglected buildings.

Anonymous said...

Hire a mobster collection enforcer to get the money.

Anonymous said...

PSR has yet to have a comment about this situation. Their radio silence is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

D.O.B. needs to issue violations and fine this greasy landlord immediately! Also, the poor guy does need to pursue a civil action for negligence of providing elevator services as expected in the building where rent is collected. This is a case of willful negligence and $7,000 is a lot of money to have to spend and also not being prevented from seeing your wife for over a month is outrageous! Make this cruel selfish landlord pay up!

Anonymous said...

Someone should immortalize this landlord by getting his name and address, wife and children as well and induct them in the slumlord hall of fame.

Anonymous said...

Ill bet the Old Lady doesn't want that elevator fixed any time soon.Just guessing.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for these people, but on the other hand they should have left for Florida long ago.

Anonymous said...

He should live so long.
Good luck with rapacious NYC landlords!

Anonymous said...

make a claim to the DHCR for reduction in services, the whole building should do it.

but they don't really want people to know that, right?

Anonymous said...

This is my father lol