Wednesday, January 18, 2017

BdB keeping it small

From the NY Times:

It is particularly important for the mayor to demonstrate success in soliciting small donations. Cut off from some of his familiar sources by federal and state inquiries into his fund-raising practices, Mr. de Blasio, a Democrat, and his campaign have been pounding the pavement for such contributions, and have leaned on some of the mayor’s celebrity backers like the actors Cynthia Nixon, Mark Ruffalo and Steve Buscemi.

Last week, prominent supporters implored fellow admirers of his administration to make small donations to the mayor’s re-election effort, a last-minute push to raise money before the deadline.

On Monday, the mayor’s campaign said it would report more than $1 million in contributions raised over the last half of 2016 from roughly 3,800 contributors, a majority of whom gave less than $100. (A campaign spokesman could not say if the total raised exceeded the $1.1 million brought in during the first half of 2016.)

The official results must be made public by Tuesday.

The mayoral race, especially on the Democratic side, has not really materialized, but that would change significantly if the investigations, now in their grand jury phase, led to an indictment of a city official.

Mr. de Blasio has denied any wrongdoing.


JQ LLC said...

Here's my contribution, fuck you De Faustio, what's the matter all those predator developers don't need your stinking big ass anymore now with Trump about to take over, making their pillaging attempts easier with Ben Carson, if confrimed, leading HUD?

Avella 2016

Anonymous said...

Small way over his head....small contributions. A pawn of the real estate industry.
BE SURE TO VOTE FOR TONY AVELLA. End ,any oral corruption with a relatively honest man!

Anonymous said...

Why, Steve, why? wise up already, why dontcha?

JQ LLC said...

correction Avella 2017

Disappointed in Buscemi definitely, and more with Ruffalo.

(sarc) said...

Even if our Comrade Mayor is indicted, the masses will still easily vote him back into office...

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd say or write this... Hillary in 2017.
I have to shower now.

Anonymous said...

Hillary will not make it in NYC as mayor because how she treated her constituents after 9/11 as Senator. She was busy on book tour and ignoring anyone who voted for her.
DeBlasio and Chirlaine are busy making Republicans.