Thursday, January 26, 2017

Landlords given subsidies are eviction leaders

From DNA Info:

Much of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s affordable housing plan hinges on the preservation of existing affordable units.

But advocates worry that some landlords who get city subsidies to preserve affordable housing are the very same landlords who have the highest rates attempting to evict tenants from rent stabilized homes — and are therefore contributing to the loss of affordable housing.

One of the prime examples, they say, is A&E Real Estate Holdings.

A&E, which is believed to be the fifth biggest landlord in the city, inked a $201 million deal in 2015 to buy Harlem’s Riverton complex and pledged to keep its nearly 1,000 units affordable over the next 30-plus years in exchange for $100 million worth of tax breaks and incentives from the city, according to reports.

James Patchett, the incoming head of the city’s Economic Development Corporation who previously served as chief of staff to Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen, the mayor's point person for affordable housing, recently highlighted that deal, which he brokered, as a source of pride in reaching the administration’s housing goals.

But A&E was also responsible for filing more than 2,230 evictions cases between January 2013 and June 2015, according to an analysis by Rentlogic, a rental listings platform that aims to empower tenants by using open source data to grade landlords on things like vermin infestations, mold problems and construction violations.


JQ LLC said...

Hey it's James Platchett again, the asshole who steered a land deal for a lowlife restaurant owner using an alias, who in turn arranged for donations to De Faustio's CONYgate slush fund using straw donors after a fundraiser thrown for it from yesterday's DNA story.

This fauxgressive fraud maybe told A&E to maintain the stabilized units with a wink and a nudge. There has to be a reason why these equity firms and LLC's feel comfortable acting with such brazen impunity. Hopefully this crack team of gentrification enablers in city hall will be the first to get indicted.

(sarc) said...

This is what happens when the government tries to bypass and manipulate the free market system.

You give people free "crap" and they will become lazy...

Anonymous said...

This needs questioning. Lord knows we have lots of rat-bastard landlords in the City - on the other hand we have a lot of tenants who do not, or cannot, pay their rent.

Anonymous said...

Surprise, surprise, DeBozo at his best again.