Monday, January 2, 2017

"Ridgewood" AirBnB listing is a lot of bunk

So, "Ridgewood Mod Housing" which doesn't appear to be located in Ridgewood, is renting out 6 BUNK BEDS on AirBnB. But this sharing service is just for widows trying to keep up the payments on their homes, and other sob stories.


Anonymous said...

Just nice people trying make ends meet.

JQ LLC said...

The new regulations have no done a thing to deter illegal and from the looks of those pictures, unfeasible listings. The only people stupid and cheap enough that are willing to dwell in these claustrophobic conditions are ambitious hipshits and maybe immigrants on the EB-5 program.

And isn't that MASPETH? Last time I checked, it's ground zero for the homeless scandal expose' run by the Bialistock and Bloom of the manufactured crisis- De Blaz and Banks, a town whose citizens are excoriated for protesting it by Gothamist, and the NY Times hasn't done a hot area profile of it at all.

Airbnb is a criminal enterprise that must be stopped immediately, unless our caring officials are gunning for 70,000. And 70 million tourists.

Anonymous said...

That's just a cover for a hostile but what's worse is that Airbnb isn't regulated so expected lice and bedbugs.

Anonymous said...

"Please keep in mind that as an Airbnb host, we appreciate your discretion about our housing to outsiders :)"

I'm just a poor housewife. if you say something, I won't be able to make ends meet!

Anonymous said...

Kick them back where they came from! This ain't Europe and low class hostels aren't welcomed.

Joe Moretti said...

Correct if I am wrong, but isn't this how very-low income ghetto folks in the projects and low-class third world immigrants live, all crammed into a tiny room with snoring, farts and other nasty smells. So I guess the new America is one big low-class housing project.

Amazing that there are idiots out there who are willing to live like this on a damn vacation. I mean really.

Anonymous said...

Soylent Green is PEOPLE!!!

I thought this was illegal anyway. Didn't Cuomo and DeBlasio pass the laws to outlaw tenants for less than a month?

Anonymous said...

Don't buy a home of you cannot afford the mortgage payments.
Then again....B&Bs are an American example of entrepreneurship that is to be admired.
Maybe if traditional hotels didn't rape their occupants with ridiculous fees, there would not be a need for B&Bs..

JQ LLC said...

last anon,

These are not traditional bed & breakfast's, these are ready made flophouses. This listing is further proof that these new regs are being ignored. Who knows what other slumlord apt. buildings are continuing this scheme.

If these tourists can't afford these hotels with these high rates, then go to cleveland, salt lake city or some other metropolis.

Anonymous said...

Then again,JQLLC, many will be here to stay, especially in the less "desirable" neighborhoods.
Douglas Manor in northeast Queens , does not have any of these.
The local movers and shakers would come down on them like a ton of bricks.
One of the pluses in living in a suburban landmark district.
Corona beats anything. There are dormitories for Latino day laborers, with whore service available, that go unchecked.

Anonymous said...

Do posters here really think people are renting out a listing like this to live in? At $840 a month, you can find better rental deals. This is clearly for backpackers looking to visit on the cheap.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should be living in Douglas Manor. Backpackers? these are the marginally homeless living at Air BNB. I wonder how many illegal evictions happen at these Air Bnb places.

Anonymous said...

Look at all these rules, yet they do not follow the City of New York's "rules"

I highly doubt it's legal to fine some one for boiling water after 11pm or not wearing shoes inside. Sounds like Pakistanis to me.

**Please keep in mind that as an Airbnb host, we appreciate your discretion about our housing to outsiders :)

You can't tell anyone you are staying there???

-There is NO SMOKING inside or outside this property, including no loitering (hanging out on the porch, you are welcome to the deck)

We don't want the Housing Inspectors to see you here.
-There are no outside guests allowed on the property after 11pm.
-Dishes are to be cleaned SAME DAY, no overnight dishes. (We don't want roaches)
-There is no cooking AFTER 11PM (Possible fire alarms at 2am, no bueno). Boiling water in the kettle for tea is fine!

-There is no eating in the living room (Tea is fine), please eat on the kitchen table.
-Please leave shoes off the carpet and out of the living room, only use house slippers (these NYC streets are gross) Shoes are fine everywhere else,of course.
-To be respectful of my neighbors: There is no shouting, yelling or arguing in the hallway of the building or outside on the porch or deck.

Safety features
Smoke detector
Fire extinguisher

except that they probably don't have fire exits for all those people, this is a total fire hazard situation.

Anonymous said...

We need to tax absentee landlords higher that folks who live in the house, then they won't do these things. Plenty grannies leave their house to be run by a management agent while they scootle doo in Florida all year