Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Glendale plaza construction hurts small businesses

From the Queens Chronicle:

The city, area elected officials and community leaders have reached a deal they hope will alleviate some of the burden pedestrian plaza work had placed on a number of Glendale businesses.

According to Department of Design and Construction representative Ian Michaels and Community Board 5 Chairman Vincent Arcuri Jr., the project at Myrtle and Cooper avenues hit a snag recently, as it was discovered underground Verizon infrastructure had to be moved in order for the project to continue.

But even before the issue with Verizon occurred, a number of area stores had said the restricting of traffic flow and the loss of parking in the area was resulting in declines in sales and customers.


Anonymous said...

Despite all the hoopla to the contrary, NYC has proven that is doesn't give a crap about small businesses.
Politicians only pretend to around election time. Once elected, it's FUCK YOU!

(sarc) said...

They don't need no stinking businesses!

We can always get more Dollar Stores.
The Chinese must still sell their cheap toxic "Crap".

Who came up with this fools errand?

Where are the elected officials?
Onboard I am sure, waiting in joyful anticipation for an opening ceremony and ribbon cutting, where they can pose for photos for the adoring dishonest media, and bloviate about their virtues and great service to the community and the few remaining businesses, if any.

Just keep up the misery factor on the motorists.
If they can get just one vehicle off the roadways, just imagine.

The masses must learn to love our decrepit, ancient, overwhelmed mass transit system.
This as our Comrade, The Mayor, hops upon his private helicopter!
Ponder that the next time you are sitting within the purposefully created misery!

Bicycling in the snow can be so much fun!

This will bring us closer to our vision of Zero MILES Per HOUR' and heel to the Powers that Be!

Our vision is really Bejing, or is it Detroit...

Anonymous said...

These plaza contraptions do not belong in our neighborhood's! Keep them in Timed Square and other tourist areas.

Anonymous said...

this is only the beginning
when its done it wont be much better
these idiots are wasting over $3,000,000 bucks to ELIMINATE 2 perfectly good streets and mess up the traffic and parking forever
it was tough enough looking for a parking spot when u eat at Zums
now u need to make that sharp turn to go around the block
i am sure they'll put tons of no turn signs everywhere so you have to drive a 1/2 a mile just to turn around
how many customers wil just say F it and drive thru McDees
our tax dollars at work
what a waste

Anonymous said...

It is not just a Plaza - we were told it is a Park

Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is what was wrong with the plaza to need all this ?
The water lines were fine and the sewers just needed annual servicing of the grease traps BEFORE the grease "plugs" dislodge in the spring rains.
The problem is lack of maintenance, overbuilding and NEGLECT
Do certain politicians need more bronze plaque mounted tributes to themselves?

Anonymous said...

**is a Park**

Translation: Another tribute to themselves in the name of a legit park so they can use numbers. Just look who's names are going on it !!
Does anybody really want to sit on a tiny island in the middle of the heaviest traffic & exhaust fumes in Queens ?
This is worse then the stupid shit they have in Italy & France

Anonymous said...

>i am sure they'll put tons of no turn signs everywhere so you have to drive a 1/2 a mile just to turn around

All while telling us to try to save gas by making shorter trips.

Anonymous said...

get a prius

georgetheatheist said...

Hope Zum Stammtisch is doing OK. I drive over every so often to get those beautiful Knockwursts, Kartoffelsalat,and hot Leberkäse

Anonymous said...

"Does anybody really want to sit on a tiny island in the middle of the heaviest traffic & exhaust fumes in Queens ?"

I could be mistaken, but isn't this triangle a War Memorial site for those who served and lost their lives in US Wars?

In the days of yore when there wasn't two or three cars in every family many used public transportation which consisted mostly of trolleys and these public spaces provided a place to sit and ponder those who served while waiting for transportation. Also, it provided a place for the elderly to rest while shopping or just walking along the Avenue.

Anonymous said...

They are working on that plaza since forever. One would think they are about to build the Wall of China. Ah, unions..