Friday, April 11, 2014

Huge condo building proposed for Broadway

From Brownstoner Queens:

A few more details on the massive Broadway development site that just sold for $10,225,000: a condo’s coming. Real Estate Weekly reports that the buyers, Axelrod Development Group and Lions Group, “are planning a 76-unit condo in Long Island City.” (The site is right on the border of Astoria.)

Actually, it looks like the new owners have already filed an application with the Department of Buildings to build on the corner lot. This application calls for 76 units over eight stories, with 73,502 square feet of residential space and 14,600 square feet of parking. The DOB disapproved the application in late March. The architect of record is Raymond Chan.


J said...

is that a monopoly game piece?

Anonymous said...

Just watched a movie that used 5 Pointz as a location. All the interesting stuff in NYC is being destroyed for boring condos to be used by corrupt foreigners to launder their dirty money!

Even Pearl Paint on Canal is only the market.

Shame on NYC! There's no there there anymore. Just another bank and a 7-11.

Anonymous said...

Prior to development, this site and LIC HS across the street were on the site of the Sunswick Creek wetlands.

Anonymous said...

I remember when I was a little kid that was a gigantic empty lot. It was gross. This specific part of Astoria still is gross and, honestly, this is one of those situations where development can actually improve it.

The newer apartments being built on Broadway aren't that bad.

The problem is the hideous, busy and dangerous 21st street (great bus lines though!), and what I would have to guess is a pretty overwhelmed sewage system.

I live around here in the Quensview co-ops and I have a lot of affection for the neighborhood. It's not the easiest on the eyes though.

Anonymous said...

Now we will see Mystery Man Mike Gianaris campaign to improve transportation for Queens.

Naw, not the double fair zones - nothing for those of us actually living here.

He wants to take the taxes of Middle Village and Bayside to subsidize development over a former toxic swamp - 21st Street - cause campaign donors want to build over this marsh.

Every new building on 21st Street has flooding problems in their foundations. Its something that not only makes these buildings' life a fraction of what they should be, but probably in the not too distant future unsafe.

Around the corner, the Halletts Cove town houses have about 6 inches of top soil above the garbage dump they are built upon.

I would not take any new areas they are building on even if you give it to me.

But then, again, its your health not mine.

Anonymous said...

Currently live in the neighborhood. It's like the land that time forgot. While the waterfront is beautiful and very cool, the lack of any pedestrian traffic at night can get spooky with only the random warehouses or project related groups of teens roaming about. The infusion of new residents will hopefully bring more shopping options, deli's, coffee spots etc with them. Even if this side of 21st is a little further from the subway it is a pretty cool neighborhood with a lot of potential